Holdin' It Down

It's literally ride or die

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centerofvogue asked: i knew tyson was up to something. shady ass. can wait for the next chapter. i miss this story

Yeah his ass just looking like he’s up to no good

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Anonymous asked: can you post some of the pictures of genesis that you have cause yours aren't on her blog anymore:(

sure but wouldn’t it be easier to just pull them off my chapters lol. and whats her blog url because i can’t find it

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Chapter Deux



"What’s up with her man?" I asked as Mike passed me the blunt. We had been outside on the back patio for a few minutes just passing the blunt between the three of us. I looked behind me through the sliding glass door and saw Reign walking in and grabbing something out of the refrigerator. She…

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Chapter 20

Genesis POV

I contemplated going home after leaving Ty’s place, but I wasn’t sure if Que would be there and I wasn’t ready to face him just yet. I felt like if he looked at me he would be able to tell what happened. Call it crazy, but I’ve almost always been able to tell when Que was up to some shady ass shit. He’d come in the house and he’d just look fucking guilty to me. I wouldn’t always address it. I had to learn how to pick my battles. Que hadn’t learned that lesson yet and even if he had, I knew this would be a battle that he would choose to fight.

I decided to go to Meeka’s place. I saw Leshia’s car as I pulled up and I sighed. They were both here. This was going to be a trip. The only good thing was that I knew Aubrey most likely wouldn’t be here. Meeka was a nursing student, which kept her busy, but not only that she didn’t believe in co-habitating. Yeah, she’s okay with dating a dope boy, but she doesn’t think they should live or sleep together. Weird, but I respect her for it. It sure keeps that nigga in line from what I can see. He knows that until he puts a ring on her finger it’s her way or the highway.

I got out of the car and locked the doors before heading towards the door. I rang the doorbell and finally someone came to open it. “Hey girl,” Meeka said. “What you doing here?”

“Can I come in? I need to talk,” I said nervously.

“Sure,” she said looking confused. “Leshia’s pregnant ass is in the kitchen. She fixing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hollering she was craving one,” she said with a laugh. I gave a weak smile and headed towards the kitchen.

“Hey girl!” Leshia said, mouth full of peanut butter and jelly.

I laughed and shook my head. “Greedy ass I swear.”

“So what’s up girl?” Meeka asked looking concerned.

I looked back and forth between the two of them and sighed. Meeka touched my hand as a sign of encouragement. After taking a deep breath I went into the entire story about everything that had happened between me and Ty. The deeper I went into the story the bigger both of their eyes got. I didn’t cut any cards. These were my girls and I trusted them. I told them everything. As soon as I was finished I placed my head down on the counter.

“Genesis!” Leshia said after a moment.

“I know! I know!” I said. “Am I a bad person you guys? Honestly.”

“Honestly?” Leshia said looking at me. I nodded. “Not in my eyes. Not completely anyway.” I looked at her skeptically. “Listen, I understand that you’re upset and you feel like you’ve betrayed Que, but let’s be honest: your man is a dog.” I guess she saw me getting ready to say something and she stopped me. “No offense boo because my man is for damn sure one too. They’ve done some fucked up shit. How many times have they stepped out on us?” she asked matter of factly.

“Too many to count,” I said shaking my head.

“Exactly. Granted their getting their shit together and I’m not saying you’re right for what you did, but if we were keeping score honey, you are far below par on screw ups. Don’t beat yourself up about it.” I nodded.

“But at the same time, his mistakes are not a free pass to just go and do whatever you wanna do Gen,” Meeka said. Saleshia nodded in agreement. “Eventually what’s done in the dark comes to the light and comes back to bite you square in the ass some way or another.”

“I know, you’re right.”

“So really, at the end of the day, do you love Que?” Meeka asked.

“Of course. He’s the only man I’ve ever loved and ever will love,” I said.

“Then do what you need to do. If that means keeping it quiet then do that. I sure as hell ain’t gonna say anything. In the meantime though that means staying away from Ty. He’s made it very clear that he doesn’t respect your relationship and you can’t keep putting yourself in situations that are gonna get you caught up. Cause while you may be forgiving of Que’s shit, he sure as hell ain’t gonna be so forgiving. They never are.” Meeka was right.

“Thanks ya’ll,” I said.

“Awwww group hug bitches!” Leshia said causing us to laugh. We all embraced. My phone began to ring and I looked at it.

“Daddy?” I said into the phone.

“Hey pumpkin. I need to talk to you about something. You busy?” he asked.

“No, I’m just with the girls. Hold on.” I excused myself and walked out of the kitchen. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “This sounds serious.”

“Don’t worry Gen, it’s nothing bad. Que had me check up on your new worker, Tyson.”

“Uh-huh,” I said nervously.

“I didn’t really find anything.”

“Well that’s a good thing right?” I said.

“Baby when I mean I didn’t find anything. I didn’t find anything at all. There’s very little my connects found about his past and his involvement in the game. It’s nothing super suspicious that you should worry about right now. I’m gonna have them dig a little deeper to see what they can find. I just wanted to let you know. Que usually has good instincts about these types of things. He’s good at reading people. Just be careful. If Que doesn’t trust him, it’s probably for good reason.”

You have no idea, I thought to myself.

Tyson POV

I was mentally kicking myself for what happened with Genesis. Her walking out like that blew my mind. Ma was fine as hell, smart, down to earth and if the way she rides for that punk ass nigga Que was any indication she was clearly a ride or die female. My bottom lip fit itself between my teeth as I thought and remembered how she tasted. Damn what I wouldn’t give to be all up in that. I had her real close to it today until she grew a conscience.

When I got into this job, I knew Que had a wifey, but I didn’t expect her to be like this. Shorty was getting all up into my head. I was trying to fight it. Even now I knew it was for the best that ain’t shit happen today. Then again the look on Que’s face when my plan is finally finished on top of finding out I fucked his bitch. That would be priceless. If I’m not careful though Gen is gonna get me all caught up and ruin everything I have planned. As much as I wanted a piece of her, I couldn’t let that happened. I had planned to long and worked to hard for this. Shit was gonna go exactly my way and then…then I could enjoy taking his bitch on top of everything else.

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