Holdin' It Down

It's literally ride or die

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Anonymous asked: Honestly we don't expect you to update everyday of course not you have a life just like the rest of us. 2 weeks is a long time and frankly I had to re read what you wrote in the last chapter, because like a number of readers read more then 5-10 stories where we can get confused to what's going on you get what I'm saying?

Yeah I do and I appreciate you continuing to read buuuuut yeah I update when I can update. I don’t wanna post shitty chapters because I can’t stand it when authors post an update every day or everything other day and they suck and have tons of errors and don’t flow. It may be annoying the amount of time you have to wait sometimes, but with my busy schedule with work and home life and stuff I do the best I can. I would rather deliver quality I guess, but like I said thanks for reading

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Anonymous asked: Exactly 2 weeks

Okay okay well the updated happened lol. Happy?

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Anonymous asked: Yasss finally, I hope Quality stick to his word but probably not since she can't have sex, he probably gon go out & cheat

Nigga who the hell is Quality??? Oh that must’ve been autocorrect so I’m gonna assume you meant Que lmao

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Anonymous asked: I think before they need to come clean about everything and callise and ty need to know theyre place

So you really think that Genesis should tell him what happened while he was locked up? I doubt he’ll be super forgiving

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Scene 1




"I’m addicted to you, I’m addicted to you, I’m addicted to you, I’m addicted," I sang along to Ryan Leslie and Cassie as they came through the speakers posted on the walls around my room. My room. There was a phrase that I would have to get used to saying. I wasn’t in Queens…

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centerofvogue asked: Que was rey catch Gen ass on her situation with Ty lol. But nooooooo Gen, dont do it!!!!! Dont marry his slimeball ass!!! We can find you a nice well mannered young man who wants to be your baby fava. lol

Lmao a well mannered young man though! Girl you know Gen likes them roughnecks with her ratchet ass. Idk maybe Que really is going to change. We’ll see