Holdin' It Down

It's literally ride or die

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All Bad: nulla.



Everyone is always going on and on about how their life is so bad. How they’ve gone through hell and high water and they’re still struggle to keep their head up. If you ask me, people whine to much. Shut the fuck up and deal with the life you were given. Either make it better or suck it up….

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Chapter 19


Genesis POV

Two months. That’s how long it’s been since Que’s gotten home. I really do think he’s trying to change. He hasn’t been out at all hours of the night not letting me know where he is. I haven’t had any females calling and playing on my phone. It’s like none of his old games are going on anymore. Obviously since he work the streets, he keep late hours and shit, but I finally think I can trust me baby completely. I’ve been itching to tell him what happened between Ty and I at the club that one night, but when I talked to my mom about it she just looked at me crazy and cussed me out.


“I’ve got to tell him mama. I hate having secrets from him,” I said as I sat in my parent’s kitchen watching my mom cook dinner.

“You have gone to the farthest depths of crazy,” she said shaking her head at me as she turned around. “Do you think he’s told you about every bitch he’s been in or been around?”

I shook my head. I couldn’t even attempt to say yes cause I knew it’d be a lie. “Exactly. We’re all entitled to a few secrets. I guess this is one of them for you.”

“But…” I started, but she cut me off.

“There are no butts! Let me explain something to you. Que is just like your daddy was at the age. Now your father has gained a lot of wisdom over the years, but there was a time when he didn’t see anything wrong with cheatin on me, but saw everything wrong with me doing it to him.” I looked at my mother confused. What was she saying?

“Oh don’t look so damn surprised. All this time your father and I have been together and you really thought I’d never stepped out on him? Not even once? After all the times he did it to me, I made sure I got in a few of my own just to get back at him. And when he found out, he flipped. You were young. It was right after I found out that I was pregnant with Rico. I told your father and he put us out. Ain’t that a bitch? He fucked half the town back then, but I sleep with two guys and he gets upset.” She shook her head as she paused.

“You probably don’t remember. We lived in this small ass apartment downtown, you only saw your father on weekends. We were separated for about a year. Rico was born, we did a paternity test and he was your father’s. It was still a few months though before your father came to me saying he wanted us to start over, no screw-ups, no cheating. Even though we were back together and living in the same house, I could tell Ron still didn’t trust me. Hell I barely trusted him. It took us years to fix it and get back where we were before things went wrong.”

I watched my mother. I could tell she was getting a bit choked up about it. She was never one to let anyone see her cry though. She’d never told me this story before. I don’t even remember living apart from daddy.

“The point is, I know what you’re going through. Granted, I went looking for another man and you didn’t, but at the end of the day we both made mistakes, just like Que and your daddy. Knowing what I know now, of course I wish I hadn’t cheated, but even more so, I wish your dad had never found out. It may sound bad, but it’s the truth. Think about it, knowing everything you know about what Que’s done, would you really want to know the rest? Would you want to know any of it?” She gave me a pointed look before leaving the kitchen.

-End Flashback-

I still didn’t know the answer to that question honestly. Ignorance is bliss. Maybe if I didn’t know about everything that Que had done, I’d be a lot happier right now. Would I look stupid? Probably. I’m sure there are plenty of people though who say I look even stupider because I do know most of his dirt and I’m still here with him. I knew my mom was right about one thing though. If Que ever found out about what had happened between Ty and I, he’d never forgive me for it, no matter how many times I had forgiven him for doing the exact same thing and more.

Not to mention, I’m still hanging out with Ty and he works for Que. Total slap in the face. Not that that stopped me from agreeing to come chill at Ty’s apartment when he asked me today.

I showed up by myself since Que had taken Dwayne and Samiyah out for the day.

“Hey what’s up?” he said as he held the door open for me.

“Nothing. I don’t have no runs to make so I figured you could come over, we could chill and order some food and you could force me to watch Love and Basketball since you were in shock when I said I hadn’t ever seen it,” Ty said.

“I still can’t believe that. You’ve been living under a rock and never told me,” I said teasing him as I sat down on the couch.

“Umm, actually, we have to watch it in my room. The dvd player out here is fucked up and it’s too much to move the one from my room out here just to move it back later. I mean, I hope that’s okay.”

I looked at him and bit my bottom lip. “Yeah….sure,” I said. Oh lord help me.

-About 40 minutes to an hour later-

“Oh my nigga smooth as shit!” Ty said sitting up.

“Nigga whatever!”

“Come on now, you know he had this whole strip basketball shit planned out,” Ty said looking at me.

I looked at the screen as Omar Epps dropped his shorts. I bit my bottom lip. “Naw he didn’t, but Sanaa definitely did. She knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.”

“Oh please. She not slick enough to pull that shit off. They just want you to think she is. You know, give ya’ll females some hope that we don’t really run the world even though we do.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sorry, but you must have missed the latest Beyonce CD. Didn’t you hear Queen B when she proclaimed that girls run the world.”

He shook his head. “Naw she had all ya’ll females’ heads gassed up with that one.”

“Not even,” I said hitting him with the pillow I had sitting in my lap.

“Aye! No violence,” he said snatching the pillow and tackling me.

I couldn’t help but laugh as he attacked me with the pillow.

“Boy get your skinny ass off me!” I said in between laughs.

He finally stopped attacking me but when I opened my eyes he was still on top of me just staring down into my eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that Ty?” I asked nervously.

He didn’t answer me. He just leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. Shit! This wasn’t supposed to be happening. Not again! But his lips were still so soft. I could feel him pressing into me as he kissed me rougher as I started kissing back. His hands moved down to my pants and that’s when I knew this had to stop. I shoved him off of me and sat up.

“What the fuck?” he said looking at me.

“Exactly? What the fuck is right? Ty I told you we couldn’t mess around. We’re just friends. I love Que.”

He looked at me as he clenched his jaw and then looked away. When he finally looked back at me he said, “Then fuck are you here for?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you far from stupid. You know how I feel about you and you know what happened between us. If you really didn’t want shit to happen then you wouldn’t have brought your ass over here, real talk.”

I couldn’t believe he’d just said that to me. “You’re right. This was clearly a mistake,” I said as I climbed off of the bed and put my shoes back on. I grabbed my bag off the floor and headed out of his bedroom door.

“Genesis! Wait!” he said following behind me as I made my way to the front door. He grabbed my arm, but I snatched away.

“Where you going?” he asked me.

“I’m leaving. You’re right. I shouldn’t have come. I know how you feel about me. I know what happened between us. It won’t happen again though.”

“I’m sorry okay I…” he started but I shook my head.

“Nope. We obviously can’t hang out Ty. We shouldn’t have been hanging out in the first place. This friendship clearly isn’t going to work because one of us wants more and the other isn’t willing to give that. So I’m the one that’s sorry,” I said.

“So that’s it?” he asked.

I could tell he was upset. “That’s all there is,” I said before walking out the door.

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Anonymous asked: I have REALLY been missing your Story!!! I wish you would write again! PLEASE

Ok so I was tryna refrain from answering questions on some of my fanfics BUT I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve been out of it for a few months. Hell I just started getting on my regular tumblr account within the last week or two. Anyway, I’m slowly working on trying to get back to this shit cause I really love it. I just don’t wanna make you guys anymore promises and disappoint. I am working on it though. Hopefully you can be just a little more patient

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centerofvogue asked: you lied to me!!!!!! you were supposed to have been updated

OMG I know!!!! I’m so sorry don’t hate me!! I’m trying

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no-gucci-no-c00chie asked: This is one of my fave fanfics and I'm here for Genison (lool) to have a little ting gwanninnnn. Because Que is really just fucking around & needs to learn how Gen feels whenever he steps out on her. But then again she shouldnt stoop to his level & just continue to be the bad bitch she is. Update soon. xo

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Anonymous asked: I think Gen should just cheat on Que with Ty. Que finds out and does some reckless shit. Eventually him and Gen get back together and the rest is whatever. But I dont think Que should be the complete bad guy in this story. I mean you wrote the story if you wanted that nigga to act right then you could make it happen lol

You right I could make him act right if I wanted to buuuuuuut at this moment Que is displaying real nigga qualities as in shit a lot of niggas in the real world out here do. But to have Gen cheat just so she can share some bad guy moment with Que -___- naaaw I’m not about that life right now. And no one said that Que was the bad guy…at least I didn’t