Holdin' It Down

It's literally ride or die

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realitysmainbitch asked: So I just found this story and..... Girl let me just say this story is just "hood delicious" like I so here for this story it is t even funny. At one point I have to put my phone down cuz that Shia that when down with gen and Ty in the club had me all fucked up in the head yo. Also can Callise ol ran thru pussy ass have a fucking seat like she mad annoying. And the yaris poor baby thinking that gen really bout to give ques dick up for her. So sad.

I know, it’s just so tragic about Yaris isn’t it. *sigh* but I’m glad you love it and yes Callise dusty pussy ass is fuckin inrritatin

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Chapter 21

Genesis POV

It had been a few weeks since I had talked to Ty. I basically ignored every text message he sent me, every phone call. Whenever we had to be in the same space because of his working for Que, I just acted like he wasn’t there. If I was gonna do this shit it had to be a clean break. I missed his friendship and us talking, but Que was just too important to me to let some dumb shit with a new nigga ruin it.

“Girl, slow the hell down!” a voice said. I looked up to see Meeka and Leshia looking at me like I was crazy.

“What?” I said taking a sip of water.

“Girl, you eating like this the last supper or some shit. I mean we all like Cheesecake Factory, but damn!” Leshia said. I shot her a look

I guess I was eating like crazy lately. It was probably just stress. On top of everything with Ty, Callise had been trying to get under my skin more than ever lately. She literally has lost every bit of her mind out here the way she been throwing herself at Que lately. I swear I thought I was gonna have to fuck her up like a week ago when she came to pick up Dwayne from the house. It was only by the grace of God and Tee-Tee being there that she was able to walk out of my house unharmed.

“Whatever, I’m just hungry,” I said. I tried to slow down on the eating for the rest of the meal. By the time the bill came my plate was still completely clean which almost never happens. I made sure to order something to go for Que since I knew he’d want something to eat and would cuss me out if I came home without it.


“Ooooooh shit daddy,” I moaned as I arched my back. As soon as I’d gotten into the house Que had jumped on my ass. I was right, he wanted something to eat but it certainly wasn’t food. We hadn’t even made it upstairs before he had me pinned to the wall, dress hiked up with my legs wrapped around his neck. It was a good thing that my mama had Samiyah.

“Fuck girl,” he grunted into my neck. We had switched positions and my legs were now wrapped around his waist. He pinned my hands up against the wall as he dug in deeper. A pain shot through me.

“Ow daddy slow down,” I said breathlessly. He ignored me and kept going. I closed my eyes and moaned as he went deeper again.  “Ah shit,” I said only this time it was a moan of pain.

He stopped pumping and in a breathless voice said, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. It hurts,” I said wincing. “It’s like you’re too deep or something.”

He looked at me like I was crazy. “Fuck you mean? I’m just as deep as I’ve ever been.”

I chewed my bottom lip. He put me down and I walked over to the couch bending over. He took the hint that I wanted to try a different position. He smirked as I arched my back. Que positioned himself behind me and went in slowly. I moaned and grabbed a pillow to grip. He moved in and out of me going deeper and deeper.

I felt myself begin to wince as he got rougher. I bit down on the pillow as my moans turned into little yelps of pain. I felt myself running away and then nothing. I turned around breathlessly and said, “What’s wrong?”

“You tell me,” he said agitated. He nodded towards my position. My back wasn’t even arched anymore.

“I’m sorry baby. It just…it hurts. I just……I can’t take it,” I said. He gave me a look. Never have I not been able to fully take the dick. He pulled out completely and before I could say anything else he pulled his draws up along with the rest of his clothes.

“Where you going?” I asked.

“I’ll be back. I told Rome and Aubrey I’d come handle some shit with them and since we’re obviously finished here…” he said. Damn, I know this nigga is not skipping out because of this shit.

“Whatever” I mumbled. He kissed me on the forehead and I sucked my teeth as I headed upstairs. I’m sure he heard the bedroom door slam before he left. I laid down and felt another pain shoot through me. I picked up the phone and dialed my doctor’s number. I had to figure out what the hell was going on.


I bent her over the couch and rammed into her, not holding back. Her moans let me know that I was doing just what she wanted me to do. I smirked and kept going. It wasn’t long before I felt myself letting go. I pulled out and stripped off the condom and tossed it out. I grabbed a towel as she went to clean herself up. By the time she came out she had on a fresh pair of shorts. She came over and kissed me.

“Well that was a nice surprise,” Callise said with a smile.

“Mhmm,” I said fastening my belt. “I’m out.”

She started pouting. “Where you going boo? Why you can’t stay?”

“I got shit to do today. I can’t lay up with your ass all night. Besides I gotta get home to….” I started but she cut me off.

“Don’t say that bitch name in this house. I swear to God!” she yelled.

I snatched her up by her neck so quick that it surprised both of us. I slammed her into the wall, cutting off her air supply. “What the fuck I tell you about calling her out her damn name? Watch your fucking tone when you talking about her Callise. I swear you gonna get yourself fucked up.” I let her go and she gasped for air as she gripped her neck.

“Fuck you Qwanell!” she choked out. “Get the fuck out!”

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my shit before rolling out. I paid for that fucking apartment so technically she couldn’t put me out of anywhere. Yeah she was mad now, but she’d get the fuck over it and guaranteed if I called again she’d be right there waiting. That’s how Callise was so I wasn’t gonna trip. Yeah it was wrong of me to come over and fuck her I guess, but Genesis blew the shit out of me. Can’t take the dick? Fuck was that all about. And I damn sure wasn’t gonna not get my nut.

“Yo! I’m on my way,” I said to Rome after calling him.

Genesis POV

“Thanks for seeing me on such short notice Dr. Jones,” I said smiling.

“Of course Genesis. It’s no problem,” the doctor said.

I loved my OB/GYN. After everything had happened yesterday I made an emergency appointment. Que came in the house and got straight in the shower. He wanted to be all up under me but I was over that shit and I made it very clear.  How the fuck you gonna walk out on my ass and then come back expecting everything to be fine?

I woke up to get ready for my appointment. While I was in the bathroom I noticed I was bleeding which freaked me out. I wasn’t due for my period in…well a couple weeks. I hurried and opened up the door only to see that this nigga was already gone. Son of a bitch. So as a result I had to call my mother and ask her to come with me to the doctor’s office.

“And Ms. Lita, how are you doing this morning?” she said speaking to my mother.

“Oh I’m fine, just want to know what’s going on with my baby here.” My mother had a knowing look on her face like she was aware of something that I wasn’t. I shrugged it off and turned back to the doctor.

“Well we took your blood samples and everything. We’re going to do a pregnancy test and I’ll do an exam and ultrasound and see if we can’t figure out what’s going on.” I nodded at everything she said. As we went through the steps I couldn’t help but feel jittery. What could possibly be wrong with me?

Sitting in the room seemed like torture. I always hated waiting and I wasn’t very good at it. The doctor came in with a smile on her face.

“Good news I’m guessing?” my mother said.

The doctor nodded. “Genesis, congratulations…you’re pregnant!” she said.

My mom laughed. “I knew it!” she said. I looked over at her. “Where you could have clued me in ma!” I said.

She hushed me up and looked at Dr. Jones. “How far along?” my mother asked.

“That’s what we’re going to find out.” She had me lay flat on the table as she brought in an ultrasound machine. She grabbed the gel, placed it on the wand shaped item and gently pushed it inside of me. I couldn’t help but wince. When she noticed she removed it. “Don’t worry, we can do it the old fashion way,” she said.

She put the cold gel on my stomach and placed the transmitter there as well. It wasn’t long before we heard a tiny heart beat and small shape. “Mommy look,” I said in a whisper. She squeezed my hand and smiled.

“There it is. Now as you know it’s still too early to find out what the sex is. It looks as if you’re about 7 weeks along though,” the doctor said.

I was almost finished with my first trimester and hadn’t even known it. The doctor stopped and wiped off my stomach. “Now Genesis, based on your blood work and your symptoms you were telling me about, I’m placing you on bed rest.”

“What?!” I said sitting up and clutching my flat stomach.

“Don’t worry. I just want to be on the safe side. The first trimester is always the roughest and even though your first one went smoothly, this one doesn’t seem to be. Now the bleeding you experienced, as well as uterine and vaginal pain suggests that this is a sensitive pregnancy and a miscarriage is very possible. I just want to place you on bedrest until the end of your first trimester for now and then we’ll take the necessary steps from there.” I nodded and looked up at my mom worriedly.

“Dr. Jones….I’ve been drinking and,” I started but she cut me off.

“No one is holding you responsible okay. Plenty of expectant mother consume alcohol before they even know that they are pregnant. There’s no way of determining if that is the cause, but I highly doubt it is okay. I don’t want you to beat yourself up for that.” I nodded. “Now, bedrest means no strenuous activities, no heavy lifting, no walking around a lot and no sex,” she said giving me a pointed look. “For the most part you’re restricted to your bed for majority of the day. You can do things like cook, but no heavy cleaning, walking around is okay but not for extended periods of time. We want to air on the cautious side of things.”

I nodded fully understanding. She got everything together for me, including a list of foods and activities to eat and avoid. I didn’t need a doctor’s note for work cause hell my co-owner was right next to me. “I’ll make sure she’s taken care of Dr. Jones, her and my grandbaby,” Lita said and I smiled. My momma was too excited.

The doctor handed us an ultrasound picture and scheduled my appointment for my 13 week checkup which would be in about 5 weeks. Every bit of me wanted to call Que, but I knew I should wait til I got home. As far as telling anyone else I made my mama swear she wouldn’t tell daddy until we got the word from the doctor that everything was okay. The only other person I planned on telling was Leshia because I would need her help taking care of somethings. As far as anyone else would know though I was just sick and that’s why I would be on bed rest.

After the appointment my mother took me grocery shopping. We made it quick so I wouldn’t be on my feet for too long. I hadn’t told Leshia yet because I knew I had to tell Que first. My mom drove to my house in my car. I could already tell she wasn’t gonna want me to do anything. She even cooked dinner for tonight so that I could go upstairs and rest up because I was really tired.

That night when Que came home I was all dressed up. I was sitting at the dining room table, candles lit, wine poured (with sparkling cider for me) and dinner served.

“Hey baby….what’s up?” he said. He looked around confused at the nice set up.

“Just a special occasion,” I said with a sly smile.

He looked confused. “It’s not your birthday…it’s not our anniversary….what is it?”

“Well if you sit down, maybe you’ll find out,” I said rolling my eyes.

He finally had a seat and it was then that he noticed the small black and white picture sitting in between his plate and his wine glass. He looked from the picture to me and I smiled.

“Is this….” He asked, but stopped. “Are you…” he tried again and I nodded.

I stood up slowly and he practically ran over to me smiling. He picked me up and spun me around causing me to laugh. “Careful!” I said.

“I can’t believe we’re pregnant,” he said touching his forehead to mine.

“I know.” We pulled apart. “But there are some conditions….Dr. Jones put me on bed rest because she’s worried this could be a high risk pregnancy.” His face furrowed. “My mama knows and I’m going to tell Saleshia, but I don’t wanna really tell anyone else to know…just in case…” I said but I let my words hang in the air.

He placed his hand to my stomach lightly. “Don’t worry wifey. I swear nothing is going to happen to you or our baby. I promise you that,” he said in a hushed voice before kissing me deeply.

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centerofvogue asked: i knew tyson was up to something. shady ass. can wait for the next chapter. i miss this story

Yeah his ass just looking like he’s up to no good

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Anonymous asked: can you post some of the pictures of genesis that you have cause yours aren't on her blog anymore:(

sure but wouldn’t it be easier to just pull them off my chapters lol. and whats her blog url because i can’t find it

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