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Chapter 22


“Come on baby!!!!” a whiney voice came and I started laughing.

“No babe. Your ass is staying right here in this room, no buts about it,” I said to Genesis. She tossed her teddy bear I’d gotten her on one of our first dates at me and I dodged it.

It had only been about a week, but she was already hating this bed rest shit. She was always so antsy. “Nope, doctor’s orders,” I said.

She groaned and pouted while I looked at her little stomach. She still wasn’t really showing. I don’t know why I expected her stomach to suddenly grow practically over night now that I knew she was pregnant.

“Come on now, you’ll be okay.”

“But being in this house is so damn boring!” she whined again. “I don’t even have Samiyah to keep me company,” she pouted. Since she was on bed rest, I refused to let her drive Samiyah back and forth to school and her mother agreed. Instead, she was going to be staying with Gen’s parents for the next month until everything was okay, that way Gen wouldn’t have to worry about much. I loved my daughter, but she could definitely be a handful.

“Look, stop tripping. Saleshia and Tae are coming over to keep you company anyway,” I said. I had told Tae about the pregnancy cause she was the homie. How could I not?

“Why can’t you stay with me?” she asked.

“Because wifey, I gotta go out and make this money, make sure that everything is going smoothly okay. I promise you, I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I gave her a kiss and she deepened it, slipping her tongue in my mouth.

I heard her moan and reach down towards my pants, but I broke the kiss. Trust me, that shit nearly killed me. “Uh uh, you remember what the doctor said. None of that either.”

She groaned. “This shit sucks,” she said. She had been hornier than ever lately. Actually….this had been going on before we knew she was pregnant too and now we knew why.

“You’ll live,” I said as I heard the front door open downstairs. I kissed her on the forehead and headed out. Tae and Saleshia were both coming up the steps.

“Watch out,” I said with a laugh. They were in for a day.

I headed out to the car. As soon as I got in I groaned. I looked down at my pants. My dick was tryna get hard on me. As much as this was killing Gen, it was killing me twice as much. I was used to getting some all day every day from her and now…nothing. We fucked on a regular before I went away and ever since I had been home we’d be going nonstop. It made it even worse knowing that we couldn’t do it because it wasn’t allowed, not because we didn’t have time or some shit like that. It was going to drive me crazy and it had only been a week. What I wouldn’t give to be balls deep in some gushy ass pussy right now. I sighed and started the car, headed over to the spot to meet Rome and that bitch nigga Ty.

I hadn’t told Rome yet, but I was fitting to today. I knew it was petty, but I definitely wanted that nigga Ty to be around when I did it. I knew that he and Gen hadn’t been talking lately, but this was definitely going to be the nail in the coffin to make sure that he knew to stay away from what was mine. I also hadn’t told Callise either, simply because I knew it was going to cause some sort of an issue and I didn’t feel like fighting with her. We hadn’t even had a real conversation since what happened last week. I guess she was trying to carry this headstrong stubborn thing out til the end, but whatever. She knew right where she wanted to be despite the fact that I made it clear that Genesis was wifey.

It didn’t take me long to make it over to the spot. The row house was where most of the shit with my business took place. Usually, Gen took part in the overlooking of the spot. I think she liked to do it to keep the girls who handled the product in check. Rome took a big part in it too.

I rolled up and pulled out my key. Rome knew to expect me, but the girls didn’t. I liked to keep them on their toes. I walked in and it was quiet, just as it should me. I walked down to the basement to see 4 girls cutting and measuring the product. I nodded my head in approval.

“Everything to your liking?” I heard a voice say behind me. I turned to see Ty standing behind me.

I smirked. “Very.” I pushed past him and walked back up the steps to see Rome coming out of the kitchen.

“Sup,” he said coming over to dap me up.

“Nothing chilling,” I said moving towards the living to sit on the couch.

“That’s not what I heard. I heard congratulations are in order,” Rome said with a knowing smile.

“Damn! Leshia can’t keep her mouth shut for shit huh,” I said laughing.

“You should’ve known that as soon as Gen told her, she was going to tell me,” he said laughing with me.

“What’s so funny? Congratulations for what?” Ty asked and I enjoyed the confused look on his face.

“We just found that that Gen’s pregnant,” I said with a smile. The look on his face was one that was priceless and it was exactly the type of look that I wanted to see. His jaw set and started to clench.

“Oh. That’s what’s up,” he said trying and failing to hide his frustration.

“Yeah, well, the way we been going at it since I got home I’m not surprised. Looks like she missed daddy if you know what I mean.” Rome laughed and dapped me up while Ty looked like he wanted to have my head on a platter. Even though I was smiling the look in my eyes sent a clear message: Genesis was mine and she wasn’t going anywhere.

Genesis POV

“Ya’ll he is really getting on my nerves! He won’t even kiss me for too long,” I said in frustration as I took a bite of my carrot stick. The doctor had put me on a somewhat strict diet and everyone was trying to make sure that I stuck to it.

“That’s because your horndog ass would be hopping on the dick if he kissed you for too long. You forget, I knew you when you were pregnant with my Lil Bit Miyah and ya’ll niggas were going at it like rabbits,” Saleshia said with a scrunched up face.

I tossed a carrot stick at her causing her and Tae to laugh. “That’s not my fault! It’s the hormones! The baby knows what mama wants,” I said.

“Yeah well right now what mama wants is not what she’s gonna get,” Tae said with a pointed look.

I had to admit, my mood was perking up ever since the girls had showed up. I had to admit that bedrest was not going to be my favorite thing in the world. “Don’t pout boo. It’s not going to be for too long. You know everyone just wants to make sure that you and this baby are fine.”

“Yeah I know,” I said.

Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text message from Ty. I hadn’t talked to him in weeks.

Ty: Yo we need to talk. Can we?

I bit my bottom lip and looked up. “Umm ya’ll this is all nice, but I’m craving some Rita’s and a crabcake from Moe’s.” They gave me a look. “Oh come on! The doctor said I’m allowed to indulge and one little crabcake and mango Italian ice isn’t gonna hurt!”

“Fine,” Saleshia said. “Come on Tae let’s go get the drama queen what she wants.”

Tae nodded and they both walked out. Once I heard the front door shut, I picked up the phone and called Ty. It didn’t take him long to answer.

“Hey…” I said, my a bit of uncertainty hanging in the air.

“Hey. Long time no talk to,” he said. He paused. “Listen I’m sorry about what happened.”

“Water under the bridge.”

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding anything that has to do with me? Or is there another reason?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re pregnant right? What, you didn’t want me to find out?” he asked.

I sighed. “I didn’t tell you because I just found out a week ago and because it’s none of your business. It’s not like the baby is yours or something so why would I have to tell you my business?”

“Because I thought we were friends!” he snapped at me.

“Friends? You wanted more than friends remember and I made it very clear that friends was all that I could give you. You didn’t want that, so as of this time you’re a worker and I don’t make it my business to tell workers my business.”

He paused for a minute. “Well before you get off the phone with this worker, are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m on bedrest for awhile just because the doctor’s worried, but I’m sure everything will be okay.”

“Okay well….that’s all I wanted. I won’t be bothering you anymore unless it has something to do with the business.”

He was about to hang up and I stopped him. “Tyson….how’d you even find out?”

“Your man stopped by and made sure he let me know,” he said before hanging up on me.

By the time Que got home a few hours later I was furious. I couldn’t believe that he had thrown it in Tyson’s face that I was pregnant. We weren’t even supposed to be telling a lot of people so that shit was pointless.

“Hey baby,” he said coming into the bedroom kissing my forehead.

“What they hell is wrong with you?” I snapped at him.

He looked at me confused. “What do you mean?” he asked me.

“You told Tyson I was pregnant? Why? What the fuck are you a dog marking your damn territory? I am not a fucking tree nigga,” I yelled at him.

“Fuck that nigga do call you?!” he yelled back at me.

I looked away before looking back at him, not responding. “You know what yeah I did. I told his ass cause he needed to know that whatever little fantasy that he played out in his head was officially over.”

“There was no fantasy! We were just friends and we’re not even that anymore!”

“So then what the fuck you getting so upset about?” he asked me. “What you go feelings for that nigga or something?”

“No,” I said shaking my head, all of the memories of the time Tyson and I head spent together disappearing. “I just don’t understand why you feel the need to spread our business to people whom it doesn’t concern. Shit if you gonna tell somebody, you need to be telling Callise so she can stay the fuck out your face and in her place,” I said.

“Don’t worry about her, I’ve taken care of that,” he said his voice getting softer as he walked over to the edge of the bed. “I’ve got something that’ll show her and everyone else, exactly who has my heart.”

“Oh yeah and what’s that?” I asked folding my arms over my chest.

He bent down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. “This,” he said. My hands flew to my mouth and I could feel tears forming in my eyes.

“Genesis Theresa Carter, you are my whole world. You ride for me more than any hustler, hell any man out here can ever ask for. You’ve done shit for me that you didn’t have to and you’ve stuck around through thick and thin and baby it’s been plenty thick around here. I know I haven’t always shown my love and appreciation for you and I know I haven’t always done the right things by you, but I want to show you that I’m changing. You, Samiyah and this new baby are my entire world. You mean more to me than life itself and if you aren’t around hell I don’t even want to be alive. So, will you do me the honors of being my official wife, not just my wifey?”

I was just about speechless. It seemed like an eternity before I opened my mouth and Que must have felt the same. “Come on baby! You gonna be my wife or what?” he asked with a smile.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Of course baby. I love you,” I said as he slid the ring on my finger. He leaned over and hugged me before pressing his forehead to mine.

“You’re my everything and I swear I’m gonna do right by you,” he whispered to me. I reached up and pressed my hands to his cheeks and kissed him as deeply as I could. My life was finally falling into place.

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Chapter 21

Genesis POV

It had been a few weeks since I had talked to Ty. I basically ignored every text message he sent me, every phone call. Whenever we had to be in the same space because of his working for Que, I just acted like he wasn’t there. If I was gonna do this shit it had to be a clean break. I missed his friendship and us talking, but Que was just too important to me to let some dumb shit with a new nigga ruin it.

“Girl, slow the hell down!” a voice said. I looked up to see Meeka and Leshia looking at me like I was crazy.

“What?” I said taking a sip of water.

“Girl, you eating like this the last supper or some shit. I mean we all like Cheesecake Factory, but damn!” Leshia said. I shot her a look

I guess I was eating like crazy lately. It was probably just stress. On top of everything with Ty, Callise had been trying to get under my skin more than ever lately. She literally has lost every bit of her mind out here the way she been throwing herself at Que lately. I swear I thought I was gonna have to fuck her up like a week ago when she came to pick up Dwayne from the house. It was only by the grace of God and Tee-Tee being there that she was able to walk out of my house unharmed.

“Whatever, I’m just hungry,” I said. I tried to slow down on the eating for the rest of the meal. By the time the bill came my plate was still completely clean which almost never happens. I made sure to order something to go for Que since I knew he’d want something to eat and would cuss me out if I came home without it.


“Ooooooh shit daddy,” I moaned as I arched my back. As soon as I’d gotten into the house Que had jumped on my ass. I was right, he wanted something to eat but it certainly wasn’t food. We hadn’t even made it upstairs before he had me pinned to the wall, dress hiked up with my legs wrapped around his neck. It was a good thing that my mama had Samiyah.

“Fuck girl,” he grunted into my neck. We had switched positions and my legs were now wrapped around his waist. He pinned my hands up against the wall as he dug in deeper. A pain shot through me.

“Ow daddy slow down,” I said breathlessly. He ignored me and kept going. I closed my eyes and moaned as he went deeper again.  “Ah shit,” I said only this time it was a moan of pain.

He stopped pumping and in a breathless voice said, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. It hurts,” I said wincing. “It’s like you’re too deep or something.”

He looked at me like I was crazy. “Fuck you mean? I’m just as deep as I’ve ever been.”

I chewed my bottom lip. He put me down and I walked over to the couch bending over. He took the hint that I wanted to try a different position. He smirked as I arched my back. Que positioned himself behind me and went in slowly. I moaned and grabbed a pillow to grip. He moved in and out of me going deeper and deeper.

I felt myself begin to wince as he got rougher. I bit down on the pillow as my moans turned into little yelps of pain. I felt myself running away and then nothing. I turned around breathlessly and said, “What’s wrong?”

“You tell me,” he said agitated. He nodded towards my position. My back wasn’t even arched anymore.

“I’m sorry baby. It just…it hurts. I just……I can’t take it,” I said. He gave me a look. Never have I not been able to fully take the dick. He pulled out completely and before I could say anything else he pulled his draws up along with the rest of his clothes.

“Where you going?” I asked.

“I’ll be back. I told Rome and Aubrey I’d come handle some shit with them and since we’re obviously finished here…” he said. Damn, I know this nigga is not skipping out because of this shit.

“Whatever” I mumbled. He kissed me on the forehead and I sucked my teeth as I headed upstairs. I’m sure he heard the bedroom door slam before he left. I laid down and felt another pain shoot through me. I picked up the phone and dialed my doctor’s number. I had to figure out what the hell was going on.


I bent her over the couch and rammed into her, not holding back. Her moans let me know that I was doing just what she wanted me to do. I smirked and kept going. It wasn’t long before I felt myself letting go. I pulled out and stripped off the condom and tossed it out. I grabbed a towel as she went to clean herself up. By the time she came out she had on a fresh pair of shorts. She came over and kissed me.

“Well that was a nice surprise,” Callise said with a smile.

“Mhmm,” I said fastening my belt. “I’m out.”

She started pouting. “Where you going boo? Why you can’t stay?”

“I got shit to do today. I can’t lay up with your ass all night. Besides I gotta get home to….” I started but she cut me off.

“Don’t say that bitch name in this house. I swear to God!” she yelled.

I snatched her up by her neck so quick that it surprised both of us. I slammed her into the wall, cutting off her air supply. “What the fuck I tell you about calling her out her damn name? Watch your fucking tone when you talking about her Callise. I swear you gonna get yourself fucked up.” I let her go and she gasped for air as she gripped her neck.

“Fuck you Qwanell!” she choked out. “Get the fuck out!”

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my shit before rolling out. I paid for that fucking apartment so technically she couldn’t put me out of anywhere. Yeah she was mad now, but she’d get the fuck over it and guaranteed if I called again she’d be right there waiting. That’s how Callise was so I wasn’t gonna trip. Yeah it was wrong of me to come over and fuck her I guess, but Genesis blew the shit out of me. Can’t take the dick? Fuck was that all about. And I damn sure wasn’t gonna not get my nut.

“Yo! I’m on my way,” I said to Rome after calling him.

Genesis POV

“Thanks for seeing me on such short notice Dr. Jones,” I said smiling.

“Of course Genesis. It’s no problem,” the doctor said.

I loved my OB/GYN. After everything had happened yesterday I made an emergency appointment. Que came in the house and got straight in the shower. He wanted to be all up under me but I was over that shit and I made it very clear.  How the fuck you gonna walk out on my ass and then come back expecting everything to be fine?

I woke up to get ready for my appointment. While I was in the bathroom I noticed I was bleeding which freaked me out. I wasn’t due for my period in…well a couple weeks. I hurried and opened up the door only to see that this nigga was already gone. Son of a bitch. So as a result I had to call my mother and ask her to come with me to the doctor’s office.

“And Ms. Lita, how are you doing this morning?” she said speaking to my mother.

“Oh I’m fine, just want to know what’s going on with my baby here.” My mother had a knowing look on her face like she was aware of something that I wasn’t. I shrugged it off and turned back to the doctor.

“Well we took your blood samples and everything. We’re going to do a pregnancy test and I’ll do an exam and ultrasound and see if we can’t figure out what’s going on.” I nodded at everything she said. As we went through the steps I couldn’t help but feel jittery. What could possibly be wrong with me?

Sitting in the room seemed like torture. I always hated waiting and I wasn’t very good at it. The doctor came in with a smile on her face.

“Good news I’m guessing?” my mother said.

The doctor nodded. “Genesis, congratulations…you’re pregnant!” she said.

My mom laughed. “I knew it!” she said. I looked over at her. “Where you could have clued me in ma!” I said.

She hushed me up and looked at Dr. Jones. “How far along?” my mother asked.

“That’s what we’re going to find out.” She had me lay flat on the table as she brought in an ultrasound machine. She grabbed the gel, placed it on the wand shaped item and gently pushed it inside of me. I couldn’t help but wince. When she noticed she removed it. “Don’t worry, we can do it the old fashion way,” she said.

She put the cold gel on my stomach and placed the transmitter there as well. It wasn’t long before we heard a tiny heart beat and small shape. “Mommy look,” I said in a whisper. She squeezed my hand and smiled.

“There it is. Now as you know it’s still too early to find out what the sex is. It looks as if you’re about 7 weeks along though,” the doctor said.

I was almost finished with my first trimester and hadn’t even known it. The doctor stopped and wiped off my stomach. “Now Genesis, based on your blood work and your symptoms you were telling me about, I’m placing you on bed rest.”

“What?!” I said sitting up and clutching my flat stomach.

“Don’t worry. I just want to be on the safe side. The first trimester is always the roughest and even though your first one went smoothly, this one doesn’t seem to be. Now the bleeding you experienced, as well as uterine and vaginal pain suggests that this is a sensitive pregnancy and a miscarriage is very possible. I just want to place you on bedrest until the end of your first trimester for now and then we’ll take the necessary steps from there.” I nodded and looked up at my mom worriedly.

“Dr. Jones….I’ve been drinking and,” I started but she cut me off.

“No one is holding you responsible okay. Plenty of expectant mother consume alcohol before they even know that they are pregnant. There’s no way of determining if that is the cause, but I highly doubt it is okay. I don’t want you to beat yourself up for that.” I nodded. “Now, bedrest means no strenuous activities, no heavy lifting, no walking around a lot and no sex,” she said giving me a pointed look. “For the most part you’re restricted to your bed for majority of the day. You can do things like cook, but no heavy cleaning, walking around is okay but not for extended periods of time. We want to air on the cautious side of things.”

I nodded fully understanding. She got everything together for me, including a list of foods and activities to eat and avoid. I didn’t need a doctor’s note for work cause hell my co-owner was right next to me. “I’ll make sure she’s taken care of Dr. Jones, her and my grandbaby,” Lita said and I smiled. My momma was too excited.

The doctor handed us an ultrasound picture and scheduled my appointment for my 13 week checkup which would be in about 5 weeks. Every bit of me wanted to call Que, but I knew I should wait til I got home. As far as telling anyone else I made my mama swear she wouldn’t tell daddy until we got the word from the doctor that everything was okay. The only other person I planned on telling was Leshia because I would need her help taking care of somethings. As far as anyone else would know though I was just sick and that’s why I would be on bed rest.

After the appointment my mother took me grocery shopping. We made it quick so I wouldn’t be on my feet for too long. I hadn’t told Leshia yet because I knew I had to tell Que first. My mom drove to my house in my car. I could already tell she wasn’t gonna want me to do anything. She even cooked dinner for tonight so that I could go upstairs and rest up because I was really tired.

That night when Que came home I was all dressed up. I was sitting at the dining room table, candles lit, wine poured (with sparkling cider for me) and dinner served.

“Hey baby….what’s up?” he said. He looked around confused at the nice set up.

“Just a special occasion,” I said with a sly smile.

He looked confused. “It’s not your birthday…it’s not our anniversary….what is it?”

“Well if you sit down, maybe you’ll find out,” I said rolling my eyes.

He finally had a seat and it was then that he noticed the small black and white picture sitting in between his plate and his wine glass. He looked from the picture to me and I smiled.

“Is this….” He asked, but stopped. “Are you…” he tried again and I nodded.

I stood up slowly and he practically ran over to me smiling. He picked me up and spun me around causing me to laugh. “Careful!” I said.

“I can’t believe we’re pregnant,” he said touching his forehead to mine.

“I know.” We pulled apart. “But there are some conditions….Dr. Jones put me on bed rest because she’s worried this could be a high risk pregnancy.” His face furrowed. “My mama knows and I’m going to tell Saleshia, but I don’t wanna really tell anyone else to know…just in case…” I said but I let my words hang in the air.

He placed his hand to my stomach lightly. “Don’t worry wifey. I swear nothing is going to happen to you or our baby. I promise you that,” he said in a hushed voice before kissing me deeply.

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Chapter 20

Genesis POV

I contemplated going home after leaving Ty’s place, but I wasn’t sure if Que would be there and I wasn’t ready to face him just yet. I felt like if he looked at me he would be able to tell what happened. Call it crazy, but I’ve almost always been able to tell when Que was up to some shady ass shit. He’d come in the house and he’d just look fucking guilty to me. I wouldn’t always address it. I had to learn how to pick my battles. Que hadn’t learned that lesson yet and even if he had, I knew this would be a battle that he would choose to fight.

I decided to go to Meeka’s place. I saw Leshia’s car as I pulled up and I sighed. They were both here. This was going to be a trip. The only good thing was that I knew Aubrey most likely wouldn’t be here. Meeka was a nursing student, which kept her busy, but not only that she didn’t believe in co-habitating. Yeah, she’s okay with dating a dope boy, but she doesn’t think they should live or sleep together. Weird, but I respect her for it. It sure keeps that nigga in line from what I can see. He knows that until he puts a ring on her finger it’s her way or the highway.

I got out of the car and locked the doors before heading towards the door. I rang the doorbell and finally someone came to open it. “Hey girl,” Meeka said. “What you doing here?”

“Can I come in? I need to talk,” I said nervously.

“Sure,” she said looking confused. “Leshia’s pregnant ass is in the kitchen. She fixing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hollering she was craving one,” she said with a laugh. I gave a weak smile and headed towards the kitchen.

“Hey girl!” Leshia said, mouth full of peanut butter and jelly.

I laughed and shook my head. “Greedy ass I swear.”

“So what’s up girl?” Meeka asked looking concerned.

I looked back and forth between the two of them and sighed. Meeka touched my hand as a sign of encouragement. After taking a deep breath I went into the entire story about everything that had happened between me and Ty. The deeper I went into the story the bigger both of their eyes got. I didn’t cut any cards. These were my girls and I trusted them. I told them everything. As soon as I was finished I placed my head down on the counter.

“Genesis!” Leshia said after a moment.

“I know! I know!” I said. “Am I a bad person you guys? Honestly.”

“Honestly?” Leshia said looking at me. I nodded. “Not in my eyes. Not completely anyway.” I looked at her skeptically. “Listen, I understand that you’re upset and you feel like you’ve betrayed Que, but let’s be honest: your man is a dog.” I guess she saw me getting ready to say something and she stopped me. “No offense boo because my man is for damn sure one too. They’ve done some fucked up shit. How many times have they stepped out on us?” she asked matter of factly.

“Too many to count,” I said shaking my head.

“Exactly. Granted their getting their shit together and I’m not saying you’re right for what you did, but if we were keeping score honey, you are far below par on screw ups. Don’t beat yourself up about it.” I nodded.

“But at the same time, his mistakes are not a free pass to just go and do whatever you wanna do Gen,” Meeka said. Saleshia nodded in agreement. “Eventually what’s done in the dark comes to the light and comes back to bite you square in the ass some way or another.”

“I know, you’re right.”

“So really, at the end of the day, do you love Que?” Meeka asked.

“Of course. He’s the only man I’ve ever loved and ever will love,” I said.

“Then do what you need to do. If that means keeping it quiet then do that. I sure as hell ain’t gonna say anything. In the meantime though that means staying away from Ty. He’s made it very clear that he doesn’t respect your relationship and you can’t keep putting yourself in situations that are gonna get you caught up. Cause while you may be forgiving of Que’s shit, he sure as hell ain’t gonna be so forgiving. They never are.” Meeka was right.

“Thanks ya’ll,” I said.

“Awwww group hug bitches!” Leshia said causing us to laugh. We all embraced. My phone began to ring and I looked at it.

“Daddy?” I said into the phone.

“Hey pumpkin. I need to talk to you about something. You busy?” he asked.

“No, I’m just with the girls. Hold on.” I excused myself and walked out of the kitchen. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “This sounds serious.”

“Don’t worry Gen, it’s nothing bad. Que had me check up on your new worker, Tyson.”

“Uh-huh,” I said nervously.

“I didn’t really find anything.”

“Well that’s a good thing right?” I said.

“Baby when I mean I didn’t find anything. I didn’t find anything at all. There’s very little my connects found about his past and his involvement in the game. It’s nothing super suspicious that you should worry about right now. I’m gonna have them dig a little deeper to see what they can find. I just wanted to let you know. Que usually has good instincts about these types of things. He’s good at reading people. Just be careful. If Que doesn’t trust him, it’s probably for good reason.”

You have no idea, I thought to myself.

Tyson POV

I was mentally kicking myself for what happened with Genesis. Her walking out like that blew my mind. Ma was fine as hell, smart, down to earth and if the way she rides for that punk ass nigga Que was any indication she was clearly a ride or die female. My bottom lip fit itself between my teeth as I thought and remembered how she tasted. Damn what I wouldn’t give to be all up in that. I had her real close to it today until she grew a conscience.

When I got into this job, I knew Que had a wifey, but I didn’t expect her to be like this. Shorty was getting all up into my head. I was trying to fight it. Even now I knew it was for the best that ain’t shit happen today. Then again the look on Que’s face when my plan is finally finished on top of finding out I fucked his bitch. That would be priceless. If I’m not careful though Gen is gonna get me all caught up and ruin everything I have planned. As much as I wanted a piece of her, I couldn’t let that happened. I had planned to long and worked to hard for this. Shit was gonna go exactly my way and then…then I could enjoy taking his bitch on top of everything else.

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Chapter 19


Genesis POV

Two months. That’s how long it’s been since Que’s gotten home. I really do think he’s trying to change. He hasn’t been out at all hours of the night not letting me know where he is. I haven’t had any females calling and playing on my phone. It’s like none of his old games are going on anymore. Obviously since he work the streets, he keep late hours and shit, but I finally think I can trust me baby completely. I’ve been itching to tell him what happened between Ty and I at the club that one night, but when I talked to my mom about it she just looked at me crazy and cussed me out.


“I’ve got to tell him mama. I hate having secrets from him,” I said as I sat in my parent’s kitchen watching my mom cook dinner.

“You have gone to the farthest depths of crazy,” she said shaking her head at me as she turned around. “Do you think he’s told you about every bitch he’s been in or been around?”

I shook my head. I couldn’t even attempt to say yes cause I knew it’d be a lie. “Exactly. We’re all entitled to a few secrets. I guess this is one of them for you.”

“But…” I started, but she cut me off.

“There are no butts! Let me explain something to you. Que is just like your daddy was at the age. Now your father has gained a lot of wisdom over the years, but there was a time when he didn’t see anything wrong with cheatin on me, but saw everything wrong with me doing it to him.” I looked at my mother confused. What was she saying?

“Oh don’t look so damn surprised. All this time your father and I have been together and you really thought I’d never stepped out on him? Not even once? After all the times he did it to me, I made sure I got in a few of my own just to get back at him. And when he found out, he flipped. You were young. It was right after I found out that I was pregnant with Rico. I told your father and he put us out. Ain’t that a bitch? He fucked half the town back then, but I sleep with two guys and he gets upset.” She shook her head as she paused.

“You probably don’t remember. We lived in this small ass apartment downtown, you only saw your father on weekends. We were separated for about a year. Rico was born, we did a paternity test and he was your father’s. It was still a few months though before your father came to me saying he wanted us to start over, no screw-ups, no cheating. Even though we were back together and living in the same house, I could tell Ron still didn’t trust me. Hell I barely trusted him. It took us years to fix it and get back where we were before things went wrong.”

I watched my mother. I could tell she was getting a bit choked up about it. She was never one to let anyone see her cry though. She’d never told me this story before. I don’t even remember living apart from daddy.

“The point is, I know what you’re going through. Granted, I went looking for another man and you didn’t, but at the end of the day we both made mistakes, just like Que and your daddy. Knowing what I know now, of course I wish I hadn’t cheated, but even more so, I wish your dad had never found out. It may sound bad, but it’s the truth. Think about it, knowing everything you know about what Que’s done, would you really want to know the rest? Would you want to know any of it?” She gave me a pointed look before leaving the kitchen.

-End Flashback-

I still didn’t know the answer to that question honestly. Ignorance is bliss. Maybe if I didn’t know about everything that Que had done, I’d be a lot happier right now. Would I look stupid? Probably. I’m sure there are plenty of people though who say I look even stupider because I do know most of his dirt and I’m still here with him. I knew my mom was right about one thing though. If Que ever found out about what had happened between Ty and I, he’d never forgive me for it, no matter how many times I had forgiven him for doing the exact same thing and more.

Not to mention, I’m still hanging out with Ty and he works for Que. Total slap in the face. Not that that stopped me from agreeing to come chill at Ty’s apartment when he asked me today.

I showed up by myself since Que had taken Dwayne and Samiyah out for the day.

“Hey what’s up?” he said as he held the door open for me.

“Nothing. I don’t have no runs to make so I figured you could come over, we could chill and order some food and you could force me to watch Love and Basketball since you were in shock when I said I hadn’t ever seen it,” Ty said.

“I still can’t believe that. You’ve been living under a rock and never told me,” I said teasing him as I sat down on the couch.

“Umm, actually, we have to watch it in my room. The dvd player out here is fucked up and it’s too much to move the one from my room out here just to move it back later. I mean, I hope that’s okay.”

I looked at him and bit my bottom lip. “Yeah….sure,” I said. Oh lord help me.

-About 40 minutes to an hour later-

“Oh my nigga smooth as shit!” Ty said sitting up.

“Nigga whatever!”

“Come on now, you know he had this whole strip basketball shit planned out,” Ty said looking at me.

I looked at the screen as Omar Epps dropped his shorts. I bit my bottom lip. “Naw he didn’t, but Sanaa definitely did. She knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.”

“Oh please. She not slick enough to pull that shit off. They just want you to think she is. You know, give ya’ll females some hope that we don’t really run the world even though we do.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sorry, but you must have missed the latest Beyonce CD. Didn’t you hear Queen B when she proclaimed that girls run the world.”

He shook his head. “Naw she had all ya’ll females’ heads gassed up with that one.”

“Not even,” I said hitting him with the pillow I had sitting in my lap.

“Aye! No violence,” he said snatching the pillow and tackling me.

I couldn’t help but laugh as he attacked me with the pillow.

“Boy get your skinny ass off me!” I said in between laughs.

He finally stopped attacking me but when I opened my eyes he was still on top of me just staring down into my eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that Ty?” I asked nervously.

He didn’t answer me. He just leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. Shit! This wasn’t supposed to be happening. Not again! But his lips were still so soft. I could feel him pressing into me as he kissed me rougher as I started kissing back. His hands moved down to my pants and that’s when I knew this had to stop. I shoved him off of me and sat up.

“What the fuck?” he said looking at me.

“Exactly? What the fuck is right? Ty I told you we couldn’t mess around. We’re just friends. I love Que.”

He looked at me as he clenched his jaw and then looked away. When he finally looked back at me he said, “Then fuck are you here for?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you far from stupid. You know how I feel about you and you know what happened between us. If you really didn’t want shit to happen then you wouldn’t have brought your ass over here, real talk.”

I couldn’t believe he’d just said that to me. “You’re right. This was clearly a mistake,” I said as I climbed off of the bed and put my shoes back on. I grabbed my bag off the floor and headed out of his bedroom door.

“Genesis! Wait!” he said following behind me as I made my way to the front door. He grabbed my arm, but I snatched away.

“Where you going?” he asked me.

“I’m leaving. You’re right. I shouldn’t have come. I know how you feel about me. I know what happened between us. It won’t happen again though.”

“I’m sorry okay I…” he started but I shook my head.

“Nope. We obviously can’t hang out Ty. We shouldn’t have been hanging out in the first place. This friendship clearly isn’t going to work because one of us wants more and the other isn’t willing to give that. So I’m the one that’s sorry,” I said.

“So that’s it?” he asked.

I could tell he was upset. “That’s all there is,” I said before walking out the door.

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Chapter 18


I woke up the next morning trying to figure out where I was. It didn’t really take long for that. I was in my homegirl’s Tae bed. Now before you jump down my shit, no I ain’t do nothing with her. Not that I wouldn’t and I haven’t. Tae is bad as fucked with her lil asian and black mixed ass. She thick as fuck too, got ass for days. Back in the day a nigga was knee deep in that shit every other day.

I heard the shower running and climbed out of the bed. I pulled my beater over my head and tossed it on the floor as I headed towards the bathroom. I slid open the shower door.

Tae looked at me like I was crazy as she washed her hair. She must have just shampooed it or something. “Fuck you want nigga?” she asked me.

I let my eyes wander over her body real quick. Damn. “Aye let me get in with you,” I said running my tongue over my bottom lip.

“Negro please, go take a shower down the hall. Better yet go take a shower at home,” she said rolling her eyes at me.

“Man stop playing Tae. I’m for real,” I said about to pull down my basketball shorts.

She sighed, turned off the water, and then grabbed her towel. She wrapped it around herself and stepped out of the shower. “Ain’t no one playing with you Que. For real. Go home. I’m not playing this game with you.”

“What game?” I asked her.

“The ‘I fucked up at home so let me get my dick wet real quick’ game. That shit is old and I am not one of your hoes okay. I know your shit.”

I kissed my teeth. “Man go ahead with all that shit.”

“Naw you go ahead. You my boy, you know that. Yeah we had fun back in the day and all that shit and you got that good dick, but you also got a good ass woman at home waiting for you to come home and straighten shit out,” she said pushing by me and going over to the sink and mirror. She grabbed her brush and started running it through her curly hair.

“Man, Gen not trying to talk to my ass right now,” I mumbled.

“Yeah, that’s why she called here last night to make sure you were okay,” she said rolling her eyes at me.

I chuckled and shook my head. Even when we were fighting wifey was worried about me. I heard my phone going off in the other room. I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed it off of the nightstand. It was Callise calling me. I smirked. Yesterday when I went over there to drop off Dwayne, I ended up chilling for a minute. One of the neighbors took the kids to the playground and while they were having fun I was having fun. I had yet to fuck with Callise since I been home, but yesterday she said she wanted to show a nigga just how much she missed me and I swear her mouth must have missed me a whole damn lot. We ain’t fuck, but ole girl head game is mean.

“Sup ma,” I said answering phone.

“Nothing boo. I miss you. You coming over again today. I didn’t get to finish showing you how much I missed you,” she said.

I chuckled. “Naw not today. Maybe later though aight,” I said a smile planted on my face.

We hung up the phone and I turned around to see Tae staring at me with a stank face. “Man what?” I asked her.

“Fuck was that?”

“Callise,” I said.

She rolled her eyes. “What the fuck bruh? How long you been home again, a week? And you done fucked her already?” she asked getting loud.

“No we ain’t fuck. She just sucked me off,” I said.

She shook her head. “You know I love you Que, but that bitch foul. Fuck you fucking around on Gen for? And with her of all people?” She turned around and started going through her drawers.

“Man, you ain’t never bitch this much before we I fucked around on females. Hell you ain’t bitch this much when I was fucking around on Gen before.”

She turned around. “Let me ask you a question. How many of your hoes I actually give a fuck about?”

“None,” I said.

“How many of them hoes actually had your back? Actually gave a fuck about you whether you had money or not? Didn’t just give into shit and actually was about something? How many of them hoes held you the fuck down while you was in lock up?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. She already knew the answer to that. Gen was the only one to ever do any of that. “Exactly none of them. How many times Callise bring Lil D up there to see you? Like once. How many times she come visit you? That one time. Besides me, Gen was the only other female that went to visit you faithfully. I know I saw little shit about you fucking around on her every now and then, but I never came at you hard about it cause you my nigga for life and you grown so you gonna do what the fuck you wanna do.  I really don’t expect you to do anything but be yourself. But let me tell you something. While you out here about to start doing Gen dirty again, that nigga Tyson is gonna be in her fuckin ear and it’s only a matter of time before he goes from being in her ear to being in her pussy and that’s real shit.”

I clenched my jaw at the thought. I find out that nigga ever been up in my shit I swear I’ll kill both of them. Tae walked out of the room since she’d slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt. I sat there on the bed knowing that everything she said was true. That nigga Ty was sneaky and I could already tell. I fuck up and he gonna be the first to jump up in some shit and try to get with her.

I grabbed my keys and threw my shoes on before heading downstairs. “Where you going?” Tae asked me.

“Home.” All she did was smirk.

-2 hours later-

By the time I got home it was obvious that Genesis wasn’t there. I sighed and called her, but she didn’t answer the phone. I showered, got dressed, brushed my teeth and the smoked a blunt. I knew that Samiyah was probably at the babysitter’s house. I looked at my watch. It was about 4 o’clock and it was Monday. She was probably up at Ecstacy doing paperwork and whatnot.  I grabbed my shit and headed out.

When I finally pulled up I could tell there were a few girls there. I noticed Genesis’s car outside, but not Lita’s so she must not be here. Good. I wanted to talk to my baby alone.

I walked into the club and went straight to the back. It looked like niggas was doing inventory and shit in here. I thought they usually did that on Sundays but I guess they were still trying clean up and shit from the party on Saturday night.

I ignored the girls who winked at me, Caliente included. I swear that bitch been on my dick for as long as I can remember. I never fucked around with her or nothing like that, but that didn’t stop her from trying. If Gen ever found out she’d flip all types of shit. I saw Chyna Doll there too.

“Aye, Yaris is Gen here?” I asked her.

She looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Maybe.”

“Don’t play with me. I saw her fucking car outside. Where is she?” I asked. I knew the bitch had a thing for my girl. She wanted to eat her pussy way too often for her not to. Little did she know, that besides a bit of messing around my girl was never turning over to the other team.

“She in the office Que,” Nala told me. I thanked her and left to go back towards the office. When I got there I opened the door without knocking.

“Who the fuck?” she said, her head popping up. She must have thought I was one of the girls until she actually looked at me. “What do you want?”

“Look…I’m sorry okay.” I said it while shoving my hands into my pocket and looking at the floor.

“Don’t apologize if you don’t even know what the fuck you’re apologizing for Que. It’s pointless,” she said.

I sighed and walked over to her. “I know I flipped shit aight. It’s just you know that nigga wants you Gen. He’d be crazy not to. For you to be hanging out with him is major disrespect.”

“And for you to fuck around on me and parade your bitches out in public is straight disrespect but you did that shit for the longest right.”

I clenched my jaw. “How many times you gonna bring that shit up? That shit was months ago.”

“For most of our relationship!” she snapped.

Aight she had me there. I walked over and picked her up. I sat her on the desk and got in between her legs. “Look…I know I’ve fucked up okay. I’m really gonna try though babe. You the best thing ever and I’m not tryna fuck shit up. Being locked up…it helped me work through some things okay and I just don’t want anything to hurt our chances anymore okay.” I was putting shit out there wide open for her to see.

She sighed. “I want this Que. You know I do. I’ve loved you for longer than I can remember. I think I loved you before my ass even knew you as crazy as that sounds. I know you don’t like Ty, but you gotta trust me. You work with him and I’ve never given you a reason not to trust me right?” she said to me. I nodded. “Okay then. So don’t worry about him or anything other nigga out here because you have all of this. You have my mind, body, soul, heart, everything and I love you too much to let you go.”

I already knew everything she said, but hearing her say it…that shit got to me. I pulled her close to me. “I still don’t like it. But I’m not gonna trip aight. Just don’t hang out with the nigga too much.”

She giggled and pecked my lips. It was good to have my baby back.

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Chapter 17


“GEN GET YOUR FUCKING ASS DOWN HERE!” I yelled out as I slammed the front door. I was beyond pissed. The sound of the door slamming caused Samiyah to jump. I looked at her as she walked slowly up the stairs. I know I probably shouldn’t have yelled, but I couldn’t help it.

Genesis came walking down the steps in a pair of my boxers and a beater. She looked at Samiyah with a smile and kissed her as she went up the stairs to watch TV in her room. Gen looked at me once she was gone.

“Fuck is you yelling like that for?” she asked me as she walked down the steps.

“I just dropped Dwayne off at Callise house,” I said waiting for her to say something.

“And?” she asked me. Oh so I see she wanted to play stupid.

“Don’t play with me. She told me about the bowling alley. You fucked her lip up!” I said.

She rolled her eyes. “I should’ve known that weak bitch was gonna run back and snitch to you about me fucking her lip up,” she said shaking her head and heading for the kitchen.

“Yeah well that’s not all she snitched about. Fuck were you doing there with that nigga?” I asked her.

She kept walking like she didn’t hear me. “Answer my damn question!” I yelled.

She took her time, grabbing a glass of orange juice. I swear it was taking everything for me not to go off on her right now.

“I was bowling,” she said simply.

I looked at her like she was crazy. I took a deep breath. “Gen…I swear to God I’m gonna knock the fuck out of you,” I said in a low voice.

“Nigga I wish you fucking would! I swear. Go ahead and do it and see how long it takes for my fucking father, brother and my mother to get up here and kill your ass! Matter of fact they can just help me bury you,” she said getting loud.

“Who the fuck you yelling at?” I said getting loud with her.

“You nigga! I’m grown. Despite what I may say to you when we fucking you are not my fucking daddy! You don’t control who the fuck I chill with. Me and Ty are friends and we gonna be friends whether you like it or not,” she said putting her hands on her hips.

“Says who?” I said.

“Says me nigga!” she said.

“Naw fuck that! I don’t want you anywhere near that nigga,” I said getting in her face.

“And I don’t want you anywhere near the fucking hoes you deal with but I don’t have a choice in that do I,” she snapped. I should’ve known that shit was coming.

“So, what you tryna say you fucking him?” I asked. Just the thought of him in my girl’s pussy made me want to kill him.

“No Que! I’m not you! It’s possible for me to be friends with the opposite sex without fucking they asses nigga. Though Lord knows I should after all that shit you put me through, but I’m not and I won’t. I’m not about that disrespectful life like you are,” she said.

I had to admit that shit stung. I reached out for her but she pulled back and grabbed her glass. “Naw fuck that. When you find the mind you fucking lost you come find me. Until then, I suggest you make your ass comfortable in the fucking guest room.” She walked away leaving me standing there.


“Mama he was acting fucking ridiculous. I mean he came in here yelling and carrying on like he lost his fucking mind,” I said as I laid in my bed on the phone. After everything that happened with Que, I’d decided to call my mother. I knew he wasn’t here cause I’d heard the front door slam.

“So where is he now?” she asked me.

“I have no clue, but he better not be anywhere doing something fucking stupid,” I said rolling my eyes.

“I should’ve beat that hoe Callise’s ass while she was here. I saw her giving Que the eye. He need to check his hoes. I used to tell your father the same thing.” I couldn’t help but laugh. My mother as so damn ratchet.

“Well next time I see her I’ll check her my damn self,” I said.

It got quiet over the phone for a moment and I sighed. I knew the silence meant that my mother was about to say something that I probably wouldn’t like.

“Spit it out mama,” I said, already knowing she would because my mama was not one to hold her tongue for anyone.

“As wrong as that hoe was going back to Que snitching, you gotta look at how he feels. That’s some disrespectful shit,” she said.

“First off there was nothing to snitch about mama cause Ty and I aren’t like that. Second of all, what about this is disrespectful? Ty and I are close, we’re friends. Que has Tae?! What I can’t have a guy friend?” I said.

“Yeah but you know Tae ain’t tryna fuck Que,” my mother said.

Not anymore anyway. I thought in my head. See Lashontae, or Tae as most people called her, was Que’s best friend. Yeah him and Rome were like brothers, thick as thieves, but Tae was his homegirl, his ride or die before, during, and long after me. They never officially dated, but before Que and I met he and Tae would fuck around. They even fucked around the first couple of months into our relationship, until she realized shit was starting to get serious. That’s not to say Que didn’t cheat on my after her, cause we all know he did, but she promised to never cross that line again simply because she respected my ass too much for that. I trusted and respected her. I’ll never forget the day we tag teamed Callise ass. Matter of fact that’s where Que was probably headed right now to chill.

“Okay and Ty ain’t tryna fuck me mama,” I said knowing full well that was a lie.

“Really? You gonna sit up here and tell me that that’s not what he wants. Child I should snatch your ass up through this phone for lying to me. I saw the way he was looking at you. You honestly telling me ain’t nothing ever happened between ya’ll,” she said.

I sighed. My mom was one person I couldn’t lie to. She knew me too well. “We kissed. And…he gave me head. But it was one time mama, while Que was locked up and I had a weak moment. He caught me off guard. I told him we can’t go there again though and he respected that.”

“Little girl let me tell you something. No man can stop wants he gets a taste. When niggas see something they want they go after it and he’s already made it clear he has no problem doing that. I don’t like that shit. It’s sneaky and shady so now, I’m not here for Ty at all. You’re a grown woman though and you can make your own decisions. You just better be ready for the shit storm that’s gonna come along with it,” she said. We got off the phone and I lay there thinking.

I wasn’t going to apologize to Que. I wasn’t. I did want to know where he was though. I dialed Tae’s number. After three rings she answered.

“What’s Gucci?” she said. I could tell she had lungs full of smoke.

“Hey Tae,” I said laughing.

“Hey girl. Who you looking for, Que?”

“Yeah is he over there?” I asked her.

“Mhmm his bum ass in the living room. I’m in the kitchen cause a bitch got the munchies like shit. He told me what happened. Why you ain’t call me, you know I’m ready to scrap that bitch again!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Naw I had her. Look don’t tell Que I called okay. Is he staying over there tonight?”

“Mhmm, his ass gonna be right on that couch,” she said. I knew that Tae was really Que’s friend and when it came down to it she’d pick him over me, but I also knew she wasn’t the type of girl to lie either if you asked her something straight up, no matter who it is.

“Okay girl. Ya’ll be good.” I hung up the phone. I had a lot of shit to think about.

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Chapter 16

Yaris POV

“Girl last night was too much fun,” my best friend Elliana, also known as Caliente, said as we sat on my couch. We were in my apartment chilling and talking about the party the night before.

Elli and I had been working at the club for the same amount of time. She was my girl and I trusted her way more than any of those other hoes that worked there.

“Tell me about it. That party was live and we got paid too,” I said smiling and looking at my nails. Damn I needed a fill.

“Bitch, how would you know? You and Genesis disappeared halfway through it,” she said giving me a look.

I smirked and looked away. Everyone in the club knew that Gen and I messed around from time to time, but Elli was the only one who knew my true feelings for her. I was in love with the girl straight up. Sometimes it hurt how she played with me. I know she doesn’t mean to, but she does. I want to tell her how I feel, but I can’t. Not in so many words anyway. So I sit, dance and eat her pussy while I wait for her to realize that Que ain’t shit and I’m the one she should be with.

“Shut up,” I said blushing. “We had some business to handle and trust me girl I handled it well.”

“Mhmm and Que handled it well right after that boo boo, believe that,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I mugged her. That was rude as fuck and she was wrong for that. After I went to clean myself up, I went back to the private room to go for round two with Gen only to find her and Que fucking each other’s brains out. I swear it broke me down. It took everything I had in me to tear my eyes away and go back down to the party with a smile on my face.

“You one to talk. Your ass was pouting when Que didn’t come back,” I shot back at her. She gave me a look. I knew about her crush on Que.

“Whatever. What does he see in her anyway. I mean Genesis a cool chick but she ain’t all that,” Elli said smacking her lips.

I looked at her like she was crazy. “I’m gonna act like you ain’t over there talking crazy.”

Just then little feet came running into the room. They belonged to my four year old daughter Melody. I’ve always known I was a lesbian and I’ve never messed with a man. I was raped a few years ago though in a back alley one night. Melody was the product of that. She was a blessing though. Everything really does happen for a reason.

“Hey baby girl, were you good for grandma?” I asked her. My mother had kept her for me last night. I knew she wouldn’t be far behind her.

“Mhmm we baked cookies!” she said excitedly.

My mother walked in and kissed my cheek. “Yep and she ate them all.”

“What you didn’t save any for your auntie Elli?” Elliana said.

“No,” my mother said rolling her eyes. She never liked Elliana. I think it was because she worked at Ecstacy with me. My mom hated that I was a stripper and hated that I was a lesbian. The being gay thing she dealt with, but the stripping thing she’d yet to get over.

Elliana gave a forced smile while I gave her an apologetic look. I hated when my mother did this.

“Thanks for keeping Melody for me while I was at work mom,” I said trying to ease the tension.

“Mhmm ok…if that’s what you call what you girls do,” she said walking towards the kitchen. I sighed. This was going to be a long day. Only one thing was going to make me feel better. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Gen.

Genesis POV

“Oh my gosh shut up boy!” I said laughing as I walked up to grab my bowling ball.

Ty had called me earlier and asked if I wanted to go bowling. I’m completely in love bowling and Que never wants to go with me cause he sucks at it. He was taking Miyah and Dwayne out for a daddy day and Saleshia so I figured that I would go out with Ty. We were friends right? So why not.

“I’m just saying I’m shocked you got let out today,” Ty said laughing as he sat in his chair.

I rolled my eyes and skillfully tossed my ball down the lane. I turned back to Ty. “Boy I’m grown. Ain’t nobody got a leash out on me. We just friends right? So there’s no reason that we can’t chill.”

“Mhmm I see your lips moving,” he said causing me to laugh and punch him playfully in the arm.

“Just roll the damn ball,” I said. I sat down and crossed my legs. I was wearing a pair of YSL jeans and a cropped top. My pink pumps were sitting next to one of the chairs since I’d switched them out for my bowling shoes.

“Man I’ll roll the ball when I feel like it,” he said.

“You only saying that cause you losing,” I said laughing.

“Yeah well nobody told me that I was dealing with a professional who drove around with her own bowling ball and shoes in her car,” he said.

“Nigga you ain’t know? You dealing with a boss,” I said dusting my shoulders off causing him to chuckle.

“Ok ok I see you,” he said.

I watched him take his turn. We’d already played one game and this was the second but it was over within a few minutes. My phone vibrated right as he took a seat next to me to change his shoes. I looked at it and smirked.

“Who is it?” Ty asked.

“It’s Yaris you nosey ass,” I said giggling.

“Who’s that?” he asked scrunching his face up at me.

I shook my head. “Chyna Doll…from my club,” I said. I forgot he didn’t know her real name.

He sat there for a second and then it seemed to dawn on him who I was talking about. “Oh you mean ole girl with that fat ass who you disappeared with last night?” he said his eyes getting wide.

I giggled. “Yeah that one.”

“Damn…I been meaning to ask you about that. So umm…where ya’ll disappear to?” he asked me.

I shrugged. “One of the private rooms upstairs,” I said nonchalantly.

“Oh word. I didn’t know you got down like that,” he said.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” I said laughing with a wink. Just as I slipped my pumps back on I heard someone clear their throat.

“Well well well, what do we have here?”

I turned around to see Callise standing behind me with a couple of her friends. I rolled my eyes. “Damn, you get around don’t you Gen.”

I could feel my ears turning red. It wasn’t from embarrassment, but from anger. I couldn’t stand this bitch. Just the fact that she was seeing me out with a guy besides Que was going to give her ammunition for days, or so she thought. I know she still wanted him and it killed her that he never left me.

“Unlike you Callise, I don’t lay on my back and spread my legs for just anyone,” I said standing up with a smile on my face.

Her smile wiped away. “Really? So Que knows you’re out with this…fine piece of caramel? Huh, he must have loosened the reigns on you,” she said crossing her arms.

“As I seem to have to keep reminding people, I’m grown and I can be friends with who I want. That’s just what Ty and I are. Que knows that he’s my one and only,” I said gesturing towards my tattoo.

“You mean one of many,” she said.

“This coming from the bitch who doesn’t know how to keep her fucking legs closed or her mouth of my man’s dick,” I said stepping closer to her. Ty tried to grab my arm but I snatched it away.

“It’s not my fault you can’t keep him satisfied,” she said.

I didn’t even think about it, I just reacted. I punched her dead in her mouth causing her head to snap back. Her mouth was bleeding . I was about to go in for another hit when Ty grabbed me and snatched me back.

“This ain’t over bitch!” Callise said as she backed away covering her mouth, her friends trying to stop the bleeding.

“Oh trust it ain’t,” I yelled after her.

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Chapter 15

“Baby are you ready or what?” I yelled up the steps as I placed my earrings in my ears. I swear this nigga was taking longer than a female to get dressed. Case and point, my ass had been ready to go 15 minutes ago.

“Yeah I’m good let’s go,” Que said coming down the steps.

“Nigga I don’t ever wanna hear you complain again about me taking a long time to get ready okay,” I said giving him a look as he walked over and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Yeah yeah yeah. You working the hell out of that dress ma. We might not even make it out tonight,” he said as his lips grazed the side of my neck.

I smirked. “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for all that. Now come on everybody probably already at Ecstasy by now.”

My mama and I decided while we were planning Que’s cookout, to plan a party too, all adults. It was going to be at our strip club Ecstasy and the shit was gonna be live. Most of Que’s workers would be there, Rome, Rico, and a hell of a lot of people from around the way as well as some regulars of course since we weren’t shutting the club down completely. The VIP section was off limits though to anyone who hadn’t been approved and we’d beefed up security as well cause I know niggas was gonna try to act foolish. My mom and dad weren’t coming and neither was Leshia. She was supposed to come but she called me earlier and said her morning sickness was finally starting to kick her ass, so instead, she was baby-sitting Miyah for me.

Que decided he was gonna drive, even though I knew by the end of the night I would probably be the one driving us home. The entire ride he just kept looking at me and licking his lips. I shook my head and laughed. He was so damn foolish.

We pulled up to the club and the line to get in was around the block. I knew it was gonna get live. We parked in my parking space and then walked to the front door. Usually niggas had to get searched before they came in so shit wouldn’t pop off but we always made an exception for my baby, Rome and a couple other niggas in the crew.

When we walked in it was all the way live. The music was right, every female and male in the club was having a good time and we had our baddest dancers on stage. There were some ballers in there too so the girls were definitely making money tonight.

“My nigga!” I heard behind us as we walked to the bar. We turned around to see Rome coming our way.

I hugged him and then he dapped up Que. “You be on your best behavior nigga or I will be snitching to Leshia,” I said looking at him.

“Yeah yeah yeah aight,” he said shaking his head.

“Baby ya’ll go on over to VIP. I gotta handle a few things, but I’ma have them send over some drinks,” I said kissing Que.

“Okay,” he followed Rome over to VIP were about six of their main niggas and a few females were.

I turned to the bar. “Rickey, send a bottle of tequila gold, goose, and patron over to VIP and keep them coming all night okay. Everything that gets ordered for the VIP list is on the house, but if they not in VIP the niggas need to be paying for they drinks,” I said. He nodded and went to handle what I told him.

I walked over to stage, saying hi to people along the way. When I got to the stage I looked around and all the dancers looked good. There were asses clapping everywhere. I walked back in the back to see some girls coming off stage and others going on. Some were getting dressed too.

“Hey ladies,” I said smiling at them.

“Hey Gen,” they all said in unison. I laughed and ran my fingers through my hair.

“So ladies you know the deal. When you not working the stage, or taking a break, you work the floor. Table dances, private rooms, and the usual. Now since this is a welcome back night and it’s like a club too so have fun! I don’t want no drama and no sloppy bitches though okay so if you gonna drink, keep that shit in check.” They all nodded their heads. “And don’t worry, since ya’ll ladies were specially selected tonight’s me and Lita will be throwing ya’ll some extra cash on top of whatever tips ya’ll make. You know we gonna take care of ya’ll.” They all laughed.

I looked around. “Okay so I’ma need girls for VIP. Ya’ll ain’t gotta be there all night but you know these my peoples in here tonight so dance with them, chill with them, just show em a good time okay.” They nodded. I basically had already picked the VIP girls out in my head cause I knew what my boys liked “Now if I don’t call you, but a nigga in VIP asks for you go right on ahead with them aight,” I said, though I knew that probably wouldn’t happen unless niggas got bored with what I was giving them.

“Okay so Kitty and NalaCalienteLolaInnocence, and Snowflake VIP is in need of ya’ll expertise,” I said smiling. The girl smirked at me and started getting ready. I saw one face in particular pouting in my direction and I couldn’t help but smirk myself. “And Chyna Doll of course,” I said with a wink. She smiled at me and nodded.

I turned on my heels and headed towards the office. I checked a few papers and then the safe to make sure it was locked. My mom had asked me to do a few things too. When I finally finished, I locked it up and then headed back out into the main part of the club.

As I was walking over to VIP I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned around to see Tyson standing there in front of me. He licked his lips and looked me up and down.

“Damn,” he said.

I giggled. “Well hello to you too,” I said. He pulled me into a hug and I swear this nigga smelled too damn good.

I pulled away and he said, “So this your place huh?”

“Yep,” I said. “This is my mama’s and my baby,” I said with a smile looking around.

He nodded his head. “It’s fly as fuck in here. So you did all this for your man huh?” he asked.

“Of course,” I said. “One of the many perks on having me on his arm.”

“I bet,” he said licking his lips at me.

“Well you’re apart of the main crew so you’re on the VIP list. You coming up to the section with me?” I asked him.

“Did your man approve that?” he asked.

I raised an eyebrow. “Nigga I run this in here so if I say you on the list, then you on the list.”

He chuckled and nodded his head. He followed me to VIP, which was towards the back of the club. It was roped off and slightly elevated, like a stage. I know he was staring at my ass the entire way and it made me roll my eyes.

When we got to the section I saw my girls were already there. Some of the crew’s female guests had stank looks on their faces. I didn’t want no one starting shit up in my club.

“What’s up fam,” I said with a smile on my face as I walked through the ropes.

“You tell us,” Rome said licking his lips and looking at the girls.

“Well, in honor of my boo coming home,” I said before winking at Que, “And my love of ya’ll cause ya’ll are like family, I decided to pick a few girls out to pay ya’ll some special attention.” I looked at the girls and nodded as they each went and sat by or on a guy who didn’t already have a girl attached to them. One of the twins grabbed Ty from behind me and led him to a seat before sitting on his lap.

I looked at the other girls in VIP. “Now, to the rest of ya’ll females,” I started cause I figured I should address this now. “If ya’ll don’t like or want my dancers up here that’s too fucking bad. I run this bitch, not ya’ll. A couple of ya’ll lucky you made it in this muthafucka okay,” I said looking at a few. “This is all in good fun and whatever your man does is on him NOT my lovely ladies okay. So if ya man decides to get a dance from one of my girls and you don’t like it but he don’t give a fuck, you can get the fuck out now. Lay a single hand on one of them and I promise you I will take my red bottoms off and beat a bitch dead, understand.”

I heard a couple of them suck they teeth but I didn’t really care. “Uh uh, ya’ll trifling hoes better come correct cause my boo Genesis is serious up in this bitch!” I heard someone say. I smirked cause I knew that voice anywhere.

I turned around to see Meeka standing behind me. She was wifed up with Que’s lead seller Aubrey. I fucked with her. Not like I fucked with Leshia, but I still fucked with her pretty hard. She was a ride or die for real so I had mad respect for her. We hadn’t talked much though since Que got locked up cause she was away visiting her sick mom.

“Hey boo,” I said hugging her.

She walked into VIP and looked at Aubrey who had Lola sitting on his lap. Lola looked like she was about to move but Meeka stopped her. “Uh uh boo! Stay right there and do your thing girl. Now his dumb ass won’t be up under me all night. You doing me a favor.”

Lola laughed and nodded as Meeka took a seat next to them. A couple of the groupies who had sucked they teeth got up and mumbled something as they left VIP. I turned to the security guard.

“Don’t let them hoes back through the rope okay,” I said. He nodded.

I noticed that the bottles had already been opened so I poured myself a shot of tequila and threw it back. I took another shot, only this time it was patron. Suddenly the smell of weed hit me and I smirked. These niggas were already lighting up. I took a seat on Que’s lap and pecked his lips.

“What’s that nigga doing here?” he asked clenching his jaw.

“Who?” I asked playing dumb.

“You know who Gen,” he said giving me a look.

“Stopping tripping okay. He’s part of the crew and I invited him. Chill the fuck out nigga,” I said as Rome passed me the blunt.

I could tell Que wasn’t happy, but he didn’t press the issue. Everyone just chilled out and had fun for a good minute. My girls were great company and the girls on stage were giving a show. Most of the tables that usually sat around the club were pushed off to the side creating a dance floor for people, which was live too.

By the third blunt and fifth shot my ass was lit. The DJ dropped Birthday Remix and I got too hype. “Oh this is my shit!” I yelled out.

The VIP section was pretty big so there was more than enough room to dance. I stood up and started twerking, while the girls started giving lap dances. Meeka started working the hell out of Aubrey and I knew her ass was lit too. Both Que and Ty’s eyes were stuck on me, but Ty was trying to conceal it by alternating between me and Nala, who was in his lap.

Que stood up and gripped my waist and I bent over and started throwing my ass back on him. We started dipping together and wooo chile what he working me out. I pushed him down back on the couch and straddled him. I rested my arms on his shoulders as I started twerking on him. Everybody egged me on and I loved the attention. I could feel him growing beneath me.

Once the song was over I leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips before sliding off of his lap and into the space next to him.

“Uh uh, get back up here,” he said trying to pull me back on his lap.

I shook my head. “Uh uh. Nigga I’m tired and lit so I need to chill a minute,” I said. I looked around and then said, “Caliente, please come pay this fine man some attention.”

She giggled and came over to give Que a lap dance. He licked his lips and patted his lap causing her to almost rush over. I knew she liked him. I also knew the bitch wasn’t stupid enough to try and pull my man while I was here.

As I sat down and scooted over a bit to give them space, Chyna Doll came over and straddled me. “It’s about time,” she said.

“What you mean?” I asked giggling.

“I been waiting for you to get freed up all night so I could come pay you some special attention,” she said putting emphasis on the word you.

I smirked as Tyga’s song Lapdance came on. Chyna Doll flipped her hair to the side and started grinding on me. My hands instinctively went to her waist and held on as she started winding her hips. I could see Ty looking over and licking his lips and I already knew Chris was doing the same. He loved when me and Chyna Doll did this type of stuff.

She gripped the couch behind me and leaned forward so her lips were by my ear. “I missed you,” she said before nibbling on my ear causing me to bite my lip. When I didn’t say anything she did it again. “Let me show you how much.”

She climbed off of my lap and grabbed my hand. I already knew what was up. She led me out of VIP and I turned around to see a shocked look on Ty’s face, which caused me to giggle. I winked at Que and allowed her to lead me towards the steps that led upstairs to the private rooms.

She picked one, the usual one we went to, and shut the door behind us. I went and sat on the couch and bit my lip at her. She was wearing a simple red bikini, but it looked amazing on her. Yeah she was bad. Probably the baddest female to grace an Ecstasy stage.

I looked from her over at the darkened window. See about two or three of the private rooms had a viewing station connected to it. It was basically just another room, connected by a door, with chairs where a person could watch the lap dances I they wanted. There was security up here too to make sure that none o the customers got grabby and to make sure none of the girls tried some shit against the rules we had. The viewing room and the private room were separated by a two-way mirror. There was only one person who would possibly be in that room right now, but my mind wasn’t on them.

I turned back and looked at Chyna Doll as she walked over to me and climbed on my lap. She crashed her lips into mine. She tasted just like cherries and grey goose. When she pulled away she bit her bottom lip and dimmed her eyes before going for my neck. I let out a soft moan as I felt her tongue graze my spot. She stared grinding her hips into me.

I was already horny as fuck from the weed, liquor, and dancing with Que so everything she was doing was setting my body on fire.

“You ready?” she mumbled against my skin.

I nodded and she climbed off of my lap and onto the floor. “Pull you dress up,” she said to me. I bit my bottom lip and lifted my hips so that I could do what she said. She pulled my panties off and spread my legs. The hunger in her eyes never ceased to amaze me.

“Baby you gotta pretty pussy,” she said as she ran her hands over my thighs.

“It tastes even better than it looks,” I said giggling.

“Oh I know,” she said with a knowing look.

I knew my lips were already glistening from how wet I was. She leaned down and placed her head between my thighs. I could feel her breath on my clit and it was driving me crazy. She blew on it and I moaned.

“Mmmm don’t tease me girl!” I moaned out.

Her giggles were muffled and she did it again, only this time right after she wrapped her lips around it. She alternated between sucking on my clit and flicking her tongue over it.

“Shiiiit,” I gasped as my hips lifted off of the couch and my hand went to the back of her head.

I ran my fingers through her hair as her tongue dove into my love. I was moaning for dear life, trying to push her face deeper in-between my thighs.

“Ooo fuck Yaris that feels so good,” I moaned out, calling her by her real name.

She used her hands to spread my legs further and pushed them up onto the couch. “You taste so fucking good Genesis,” she said licking her lips as she looked up at me.

Before I had a chance to respond her lips were wrapped around my clit again and she was working two fingers in and out of my pussy. I threw my head back and moaned again. “Mmmm eat this pussy baby girl.”

She moved her fingers faster, nibbling on my clit at the same time and I could feel my legs starting to shake. “Fuck…Yaris. Oooo girl you got me about to cum,” I moaned out.

That only made her bite down on my clit and move her fingers faster. My orgasm hit me hard. She pulled out her fingers and lapped all my juices up, making sure not to waste one drop. When she finally came up for air she licked her lips and giggled.

“I told you I missed you,” she said. I giggled and watched as she stood up. She blew me a kiss and headed out the door, probably to go clean herself up.

As soon as she shut the door behind her the door to the viewing room opened. “How did I know you were in there?” I said laughing.

“Cause you know I’m a freak,” Que said as he walked over to me. He looked down at me and licked his lips.

He didn’t waste anytime dropping his pants or his boxers. I bit down on my bottom lip. He was hard as a rock and I knew what he wanted. I stood up and he took my place on the couch. I hiked my dress up and straddled him. I guided his dick into my pussy, planning on taking it nice and slow but he had other plans.

He plunged into me causing me to yell out. “Fuuuck!” I said as my pussy adjusted to him. The look in his eyes told me he was about to tear my shit up.

I started bouncing up and down on him trying to get us both to the point we needed to be. Every time I brought myself down he thrusted up into me causing me to whimper.

“Damn that’s so sexy,” he said as he gripped my hips.

I rolled my hips into his flexing my pussy muscles in the process. I watched as his eyes hit the back of his head and he let out a grunt.

“You like that shit papi?” I said leaning over and sucking on his stars tattoo.

“Mhmm,” he said. I knew he was trying to hold in his moans.

“Did you like watching Chyna Doll eat this pussy?” I asked as I rolled my hips faster.

“That shit was sexy as fuck girl,” he said.

I smirked and leaned back. I started bouncing up and down on his dick faster. I felt the pressure building up inside of me. “Ooo I’m gonna cum papi,” I moaned.

Que gripped my ass. “Hold that shit,” he said. I started whimpering and a moan escaped my lips.

“I’m serious Gen. You better not fucking cum yet,” he said slamming me down on his dick and taking control.

“Ooo shit,” I moaned. I could feel him all the way in my stomach.

He flipped me over on my back and spread my legs open as he started fucking me faster. He was hitting every inch of my walls. “Fuck fuck fuck! Papi right there!” I moaned out.

“You feel daddy dick?” he asked me as he let out a grunt.

I looked up at him and nodded. “Ooo I feel him,” I moaned.

The look of concentration on my baby’s face was so sexy. He bit his bottom lip and his eyebrows were bent in concentration. He slowed his pace down and started giving me long strokes.

“You love this dick don’t you?” he asked me as he hit my g-spot

I nodded and arched my back. “Ooo shit I love it.”

“You gonna take all of it right?” he asked as he slid every inch of it into me. I let out a loud moan.

“Oh my….mmmm fuck,” I called out.

“Answer me Gen,” he growled as he pulled all the way out and did it again.

“Mhmmm….fuuuuuuuuck,” I called out as my juices poured out all over his dick. I dug my nails into his check as he fucked me through my orgasm.

“You gonna cum again for me?” he asked as he picked up his pace. His dick slid in and out of me faster as he rammed into me.

“Ooooo yes dadd…..ooo fuck….yes!” I moaned out.

“Cause this my pussy right?” he asked.

“Nuh uh,” I called out.

He looked at me like I was stupid. He flipped me over and slid into me deeper from behind. My face was in the couch cushions.

“Oh…shit….fuck….mmm,” I whimpered. He was pounding the shit out of my pussy. That shit hurt but it felt so good at the same time. I swear his dick did something crazy to me.

“This my fucking pussy right?” he said slamming into me.

“Mhmm,” I said but the sound was muffled by the cushion.

“Naw fuck that. This my pussy right?!” he said as he fucked me harder.

“Got damn! Oooo yes Que it’s yours! It’s your pussy baby,” I whimpered. I could feel myself about to cum again.

“That’s what I thought.”

He pushed me down on my stomach and slowed down his pace again. “Fuck girl you pussy so good,” he mumbled in my ear.

“Shit baby don’t stop. Ooo I’m gonna cum.”

“Naw…you can’t cum again until I say so,” he chuckled in my ear. He pulled out.

“Mmm…fuck Que stop playing. I need it baby. Gimmie daddy dick back,” I moaned.

He chuckled, put me on my back and slowly put it back in, giving me deep strokes, hitting my g-spot. “You gonna give me another baby?”

“Mhmm,” I whimpered. “Fuck I’ll give you whatever you want papi,” I moaned.

“You like this shit don’t you,” he said hitting my g-spot again.

“Shiiiiit, mhmm,” I said nodding my head as my eyes rolled back.

He leaned down and kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rolled my hips into his, matching his tempo. He started moving faster and so did I. I knew we were both close.

“Fuck,” I called out as my cum slid down his dick right before he came inside of me.

We laid there for a minute, him still inside me, breathing heavy.

“Don’t you ever give this shit away Gen. This is mine. It’s too good to give to anyone else,” he said after a few minutes. He started rolling his hips into mine. I swear this boy never quit. I answered him with a moan and I knew we wouldn’t make it back down to the party.

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Chapter 14

I knew as soon as I got off of the phone with Tyson that Que was not going to be happy. He had made it pretty clear before he left that he didn’t want me talking to Ty at all. He said it point blank and then he went and told Tyson.

It was funny you know. I never really had a lot of friends, guys or girl. I just didn’t trust most people. I’ve known Saleshia for years and Rome too for that matter. Other than them I didn’t fuck with people outside my family. I got along with Rico baby mama Tami pretty well. Okay that’s only half true. We only got along when she wasn’t acting fucking crazy, which she was half the time. And yeah there were a couple of girls around the way who I spoke to and joked with, but I didn’t trust any of they asses. Bitches hated. That’s what they did on a regular. Majority of these females out here wanted my man and that she was obvious. They’d smile in my face one day and then try and be on their knees with him the next. As far as guys are concerned, any nigga trying to be my friend has to get through Que and Rome first. Que hates me having male friends. I mean I have a couple, but we don’t talk on a regular simply because I’m not trying to have that argument with Que. Meanwhile, this nigga can talk to any female he likes. That’s something we fight about all the time. I love Que, but….damn can I breathe?

When I met Que, I was 14 years old. I was a freshman in high school, my father was one of the most feared hustlers in the state, if not everywhere. My mom was always by his side. She was loyal like a motherfucker. There were always females playing on our phone, trying to get at my father and I’m sure he ran around on her back then even if he doesn’t anymore. He’s a nigga. That’s what niggas do.

Because of who my father was niggas at school were scared to approach me. When I say scared, I mean seriously petrified. The ones that did quickly pulled back after just a few conversations. Niggas developed this mind set that they could look, but never touch. Even at that age, I had body for days. It was the type of thing where grown men would stop me in the streets. Then they found out who I was and then they backed up too. I was 14 though, so to me it didn’t matter either way. I wasn’t checking for any of these little boys out here. The only man I needed in my life was my daddy. He was my everything. Yeah I was close as hell to my mom, but my dad was my rock, he was my world. He spoiled me rotten every chance he got.

Anyway, it was a Thursday and Saleisha and I were on our way to the basketball game. I was a cheerleader and it was an away game. We’d managed to get seats on the bus with the players since Saleisha’s older brother Tony was the star of the team. She wasn’t even supposed to be there, but no one questioned it. I had my black and gold cheerleading top and skirt with the word ‘Ravens’ scrawled across it. I was looking right in that outfit. Players were peaking at me out the corner of their eye, but I wasn’t paying them any attention. I had my hair pulled back into a high ponytail and it fell just past my neck.

We were playing Central, our rivals so this was a big game for us. We got there and Saleisha went straight to the stands to sit by her brother’s girlfriend. I went with the rest of the squad. It felt like someone was watching me throughout the whole game. Every now and then I’d look up and see a light skinned guy standing near the door. He was with his friend, who was skinny, and he was watching me. I just ignored him the best I could though.

After the game was over, we won, a couple of guys from the basketball team that were cool with Leshia’s brother, his girlfriend and Saleisha and I decided to go grab something to eat. When we got there everything was good. We were all chilling and had ordered our food. That was when I noticed him walk through the door. I didn’t know what they were doing there since niggas from central didn’t really come over there. It was a Hightop hangout.

They sat at a table not too far from us and I swear this nigga was clocking me the whole time. I wasn’t the only one who noticed it either.

“Girl do you know him? He’s been staring at you since we got here,” Alex, Tony’s girlfriend said.

“Nope,” I said not even looking in his direction.

“Well it looks like he’s trying to know you,” Saleisha said giggling. None of the guys found it in the least bit funny.

“Wasn’t he at the Central game?” Tony said

I just nodded. Tony looked over at one of the players from the basketball team and he stood up. Shit. Tony was always trying to start something. I swear it was like he was my big brother too.

I watched as the guy walked over to their table. He was saying something, but I have no clue what he was saying. He walked back over and sat down.

“There it’s taken care of,” Tony said. I just rolled my eyes.

When we got up to leave I told everyone that I had to use the bathroom, which I actually did. I went by myself, handled my business and had just walked out the bathroom door when I got cornered.

“What’s up ma,” the guy from earlier said to me.

“Scuse you,” I said trying to get by him.

“What’s your name?” he asked me not letting me by.

“Look, let’s not do this okay,” I said.

“Do what? I’m just trying to figure out your name,” he said.

I smacked my lips. “Genesis,” I said trying to walk by. He blocked me again.

“Genesis. I like that,” he said licking his lips at me.

“Good for you,” I said rolling my eyes and finally getting by.

I thought that would be the end of it, but he followed behind me. I could tell he was staring at my ass and the way my hips were switching. “So how old are you Miss Genesis?”

I sighed, “I’m 14.”

“Damn ma, you don’t look like you 14. So look, I’m Que and I’m trying to get to know you,” he said.

I turned around and put my hands on my hips. “Look, I’m sure you’re nice and all, but I’m not checking for a nigga okay.”

“Why? Scared daddy will find out?” he said with a smirk on his face.

“No, but you probably would be,” I said before turning around and walking right out.

For three weeks after that everywhere I went, there was Que. I swear the nigga was annoying as hell. He just wouldn’t take the hint. Finally I took pity on the nigga and asked my mom what I should do.

“Go out with him,” she said laughing. I looked at her like she was crazy.

“What about daddy?” I asked her. My dad would flip shit and kill that little nigga dead if he found out.

“Look, guys are going to be coming after you left and right. Some are going to be persistent and some won’t. Here’s the test on if they’re worth it or not. Let them meet your daddy,” she said before leaving out of my room.

I thought about it and the next day, when I saw Que standing next to his car waiting for me after school I walked over to him and said, “My house, tonight, 8:00. Don’t be late.” I slipped him the sheet of paper with my address and walked away.

To my surprise he showed up at my door right on time. I stepped back and let him in the house. My mom came over and introduced herself. Then it was time for the test. I expected Que to shit bricks and find an excuse to run out of the door when he found out who my father was. He didn’t though. He stared my father right in his eyes and shook his hand, explained what we were going to be doing and everything. There was about fifteen minutes when he and my father disappeared into the office. They came out, my father told us to have a good time and that was that.

I have to admit I was shocked as hell. This was the last thing I expected. From that moment on, me and Que were inseparable. When Leshia’s brother died three months later, he was right next to me at the funeral. When my father got locked up, he let me cry on his shoulder. Que was there for everything big in my life. He’s the only man I’ve ever had sex with. He’s the only man besides my father and brother that I’ve ever loved.

Other niggas have always been interested; I’ve just never given them the time of day. I took my love for Que seriously. Have I thought about stepping out on him with another nigga? Yeah of course. Every time word got back to me that he was fucking with this bitch or that one I wanted to go out and hurt him like he hurt me. When he got that bitch Callise pregnant, did I want to whoop his ass and leave. Hell yeah I did. I couldn’t though. He was my heart. He had my heart. He still has my heart.

I don’t know what it is about Ty, but he makes me want to do things I’ve never done. I’ve never stepped out on Que, not once, until I met Tyson. Yeah we haven’t fucked, but that kiss…him eating me out in the bathroom. Never have I fucked around on Que like that.

If I was going to be friends with Ty I had to set up the boundaries and made sure they stayed there. I can’t let myself slip up again.

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Chapter 13

Que’s POV

After Callise left I could tell that Genesis was agitated. She always hated whenever she came in the house. It was mainly because Callise was always testing her. I hated the fact that I stepped out on Gens o many times, but I couldn’t help it honestly. I don’t really have an excuse for it. There were plenty of girls out here in these streets who were trying to push up on me and take Genesis’s spot. What they didn’t seem to understand though was that that could never happen. Gen’s been there with me from the beginning and I’m not ever letting her go.

“Baby you good? I gotta go meet Rome,” I said kissing her lips and pulling her close to me.

She pouted. “What? You don’t wanna spend time with me?”

I chuckled. “Of course I do, but I gotta handle business now that I’m home.”

“But I’ve been handling it,” she said.

“I know. I don’t need you to do anything more than you were originally doing though. I don’t need you talking to that nigga Tyson either,” I said giving her a look.

She smacked her lips at me. “I’m serious Gen. I don’t like the way that nigga was looking at you and shit. He don’t have no reason to contact you now that I’m home. I run this.”

“Boy bye, he is not even thinking about me,” she said wrapping her arms around my neck.

I know she wasn’t that stupid. I know she saw how niggas looked at her out here. Hell, I always caught how niggas looked at her and it made me want to fuck they asses up.

“I know what I’m talking about Gen and I mean it,” I said.

“Okay daddy,” she said laughing and mocking me.

I smacked her ass and she giggled. “You know I love it when you call me that. You better stop before I put a hurting on that pussy like I did last night.”

She blushed and mushed me in the head. “Whatever. I’m going to get dressed.”

I watched her walk away and then grabbed my shit. I went to the garage and found my Escalade sitting right inside where I left it. I climbed inside, opened the garage door and pulled out.

It didn’t take long for me to get over to Rome’s house. I knocked on the door and he opened it up. I could tell he was high. “You sparked up without me nigga?” I asked chuckling.

He dapped me up and passed me the blunt. I took a pull and walked into the house as he shut the door behind me.

“So what you want with Tyson?” he asked me as he sat down on the couch.

I took a seat next to him and looked at the TV. He was watching ESPN as usual. I took another pull of the blunt and let the smoke fill my lungs. Damn this was some grade A shit.

“Genesis,” I said simply.

Rome gave me a look. “What about her?”

“I don’t like him talking to her man,” I said.

“Man, you put her in charge when you left. You told her to talk to him,” he said chuckling.

“Nah, it’s more than that. I caught the way he was looking at her yesterday man. It was like he wanted to fuck her. He was basically fucking her with his eyes man. You know I ain’t with that shit man,” I said taking another pull of the blunt before passing it to him.

Rome nodded. I knew he understood. We were on the same page when it came to our women. “Now that you mention it, he was looking at her like that when I first introduced them. Cuh said he thought that was my girl, but that didn’t stop him from doing that shit.”

I nodded. “Exactly. So I’m about to shut that shit down now.”

We finished up the rest of the blunt and then rolled another. When we finished smoking that one Saleisha came walking down the steps.

“When you get here big bro?” she said coming over and hugging me.

“I been here for awhile,” I said.

“Damn I didn’t even know.”

“That’s probably cause your pregnant ass was knocked the fuck out upstairs,” Rome said. She knocked him upside the head and I started laughing.

“Man Leshia what I tell you about putting your hands on me?” he said.

“Nigga shut up. You ain’t about that fuckin life,” she said rolling her eyes and walking into the kitchen.

I chuckled as the doorbell rang. “Leshia go answer the door!” Rome called out.

She came out of the kitchen and flipped him off, but went to answer the door anyway. “Hey Ty,” I heard her say. I looked up at the door and watched as he hugged her.

“Man Leshia go put some damn clothes on,” Rome said. I could tell he was getting mad. Saleshia was like Gen. She was just wearing a tank top and her underwear.

“Fuck you nigga you ain’t my daddy,” she yelled at him before going upstairs.

I chuckled and watched as Tyson walked over to us. Rome dapped him up and then I did the same. He sat down in a chair and looked at us. Rome looked at me.

“So what’s up? I heard you wanted to talk to me bossman,” Tyson said.

I nodded. “Yeah. I just wanted to let you know that now that I’m home, you’ll be talking to me whenever you need something.” He looked at me sort of confused. “What I’m saying is, Rome’s over you so you can call him like you’ve been doing. If it’s something bigger than Rome, you talk to me.”

I could see him beginning to understand what I was saying. “Oh. Now that you back Gen won’t be running shit.”

“I mean, she got her hand in the business, but now that I’m back you don’t really have a reason to contact her cuh,” I said simply. I know the look on my face told him that I was implying much more.

He shrugged like he wasn’t phased. “I feel you. If I had a queen at home like Genesis I wouldn’t want her talking to no other niggas either. We just cool though you know. I’ll just hit you up about business and keep hitting her up for personal.”

What the fuck did this niggas just say? I kept my cool, but my jaw was clenched. It was taking everything for me not to smash this nigga in his jaw right now.

“Naw, you don’t need to do that either.”

“I mean, you know lil Ronnie is my nephew. Him and Miyah are pretty close to me and Gen have started chilling cause of that. No biggie,” he said smirking.

“You good on that cuh. Drop lil mans off,” I said. I know my jaw was clenching and my nostrils were flaring.

It was quiet for awhile. The tension in the room was building. “Well look I’m out. I get what your saying man. I got you,” Tyson said standing up.

I sat back and watched as he dapped up Rome and then left.


Tyson’s POV

This nigga really had some nerve. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I got into my car after leaving the house. I could tell Que was threatened. Just based on the fact that he brought up me talking to Gen and she hadn’t text me back earlier let me know that he must have seen the text message before she did.

He must be crazy if he thinks he’s going to keep me away from Genesis he’s crazy. I’m really feeling this chick. I have been since the first day I met her. She had everything. She was fly as shit, had body for days. The way she looked when she smiled or pushed her hair out of her face or when she licked her lips. Damn Gen was a fucking diamond.

Que didn’t appreciate her ass. I knew that the moment I heard about him around the way. It wasn’t a secret that he ran around on her or that he had a baby on her. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had more than one baby and she just didn’t know about it.

No matter how much she tried to say she didn’t want me, I know that she did. If she didn’t she wouldn’t act the way she did around me. That night in the club she tried to fight it, but once I got on my knees I had her right where I wanted her. She tasted so damn sweet too. I hated that Que got to get in that pussy on a regular basis.

I’d stay off his radar for awhile, but I wasn’t going to disappear completely. I pulled out my phone and dialed Gen’s number.

“Yo yo yo,” she said answering the phone. Even her voice was perfect.

“Sup baby girl,” I said.

She smacked her lips on the other end of the line. “Don’t call me that Tyson.”

“Whatever. Look, I just finished talking to you man. I guess he doesn’t want us hanging out together, business or otherwise.”

“I know,” she said after a pause.

“So I guess that’s it for our friendship,” I said.

She waited a minute before speaking. “We can have a friendship Ty. You just have to know that it can’t go any further than that.”

I chuckled to myself. “Okay. I can respect that ma. If that’s what it takes to get me to hang out with you, we can just be friends.” At least for now.

“Okay then Ty,” she said. I could tell she was smiling.

“What about Que?” I asked licking my bottom lip.

“What about him? Nigga I’m grown. I make my own decisions,” she said simply.

I chuckled. “Okay, with your grown ass. I’ll catch up with you later.”

We hung up the phone and I couldn’t have been happier.

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